FARM ANIMALS & THEIR SOUNDS (Part 3) Babies, Toddlers, Preschool, & K-3

FARM ANIMALS & THEIR SOUNDS (Part 3) Babies, Toddlers, Preschool, & K-3

Little girl who feed the horses is so me omg😂😂
We were just at a farm for a birthday party. They had a LOT OF ANIMALS TO SEE. Come check it out on my channel, I just uploaded the video.
My babies love the farm!
A really good way to introduce kids to the animals if they are not able to actually get to see them for real!!
Will subscribe. Please sub back.
I set this up for my Yorkie he loves cows,kitties and horse's
I HV a 🐔🐓🐦🐤🐢🐇🐄🐐🐑🐖🐴🦃
Where can I find part I and II?
Really good video. My brother loves watching your videos.
My dog went nuts of this video.
cows slaughtered peta dot org sign action alerts for animals
The only
Que vacas tan gordas
Why the obsession with pigs? Every one of these had about 50 million shots of pigs. Wtf. It’s so annoying. My toddler looses interest after 10 mins of just watching pigs

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