Farm Animals Song - Animals Sounds Song - Walk Around the Farm - ELF Learning

Farm Animals Song - Animals Sounds Song - Walk Around the Farm - ELF Learning

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Food bacon 🥓 prawn 🍤 taco 🌮 cheeseburger 🍔 hot dog 🌭 chicken 🍗 pancake 🥞 burrito 🌯 french fries 🍟 ham🍖 sushi 🍣
Pizza 🍕 fish 🐟 candy 🍭 ice cream 🍦apple 🍎 🍏 egg 🍳 spaghetti 🍝 cake 🎂 salad 🥗 honey 🍯 tomato 🍅 banana 🍌 pineapple 🍍
Farm animals cow 🐄 bull 🐂 turkey 🦃 camel 🐪
Sea animals whale 🐳 dolphin 🐬 shark 🦈 crocodile 🐊 frog 🐸 snail 🐌 crab 🦀 fish 🐟 prawn 🦐 squid 🦑 duck 🦆
Jurong bird park night safari river safari singapore zoo
Pig crocodile gorilla nile hippo zebra flamingo rhino
Lion giraffe elephant monkey zebra pink hippo brown bear kangaroo octopus koala bear
Vulture zebra pig leopard nile hippo crocodile lion hamster fish giraffe panda komodo dragon penguin water buffalo gorilla elephant rhinoceros guinea pig reindeer ostrich peafowl white rhino goat horse monkey whale otter camel horse oragutan t rex dolphin alligator rabbit koala nile crocodile donkey
Gorilla koala bear otter giant panda elephant nile hippo crocodile porcupine turtle zebra monkey lion tiger white rhino kangaroo horse pig snail mountain gorilla ostrich flamingo black rhinoceros cattle jackal warthog duck african elephant dolphin parrot sea turtle giant tortoise
Singapore zoo night safari river safari
Jurong bird park
Gorilla alligator brown bear kangaroo shark frog zebra nile hippo koala bear cheetah lion giraffe pygmy hippopotamus donkey
Tiger monkey elephant water buffalo cattle domestic yak ox meerkat llama peafowl ostrich gemsbok cougar polar bear
Scorpion camel otter nile crocodile
Zoo animals lion monkey elephant giraffe zebra nile hippo brown bear kangaroo octopus koala bear cheetah giant panda
Tortoise snake nile crocodile otter vulture alligator humpback whale eagle meerkat rabbit camel pangolin duck bison egret
White rhino crocodile aardvark common eland ostrich black bear jaguar fennec fox sea lion tiger polar bear pelican black rhinoceros
Horse reindeer guinea fowl peafowl swan goose frog howling monkey wolf hamster wild cat okapi donkey red panda lizard gold fish
Asian elephant cougar parrot aardwolf owl squirrel pygmy hippopotamus impala kudu scorpion white tiger antople north american river otter
Lemur asian small claw otter shark fish alpaca sheep domestic yak snail python dromedary camel ox bactrian camel fox cattle guinea pig
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Lion monkey elephant giraffe zebra hippopotamus brown bear kangaroo octopus koala bear so many zoo animals elf learning ocean studios
Lion giraffe elephant monkey zebra Pink hippo bear
2:251 duck looks like ruby

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