"Families are Together Forever. My name is Kerri Bodie and I'm an Ex Mormon."

"Families are Together Forever. My name is Kerri Bodie and I'm an Ex Mormon."

I recently was divorced by my husband we were married in the temple active in the church for 24 years. It constantly went through my mind how can I be together with him in the eternities when we are divorcd here on Earth. I asked my dad about it and he said it will be worked out in heaven. I didn't like that answer so I started researching stuff about the church and the truth came to me the church is false. I have been reading the Bible and started attending a Christian Church. Knowing Jesus is the way to get back to heaven.
To keep you paying tithing. Nothing matter mores to the church. The church makes as much as Apple through tithing and their for-profit systems. A loving God would not threaten to kill you and your family with fire for not paying tithing, let alone separate you for eternity.
Kerri, you very eloquently broke apart and summed up the Mormon psychology of familial retention and it's effects on family relationship dynamics. WOW!!! I hope that you never tire of the good that you do.
That was the only reason my husband and I went through the temple. My mother in law constantly telling me I'd never see my kids again if I didn't. That we would never be truly happy. But she finally wore me down and I went ahead with it. Things kept getting in the way of the sealing day. I kept saying it was a sign we shouldn't do it. No I was told it's Satan working against you. My husband and I talked about where to get dinner in the celestial room. Shows how important it was. Only good memory of it was when my little boys walked in and my littlest told me I looked like a princess even in the ridiculous garb.
Appreciate the video and this lady's heartfelt words but the competing background music is way too loud and so overpowering and distracting that I couldn't finish watching the video.
Ten percent of your income or your kids. Take your choice. What could be so cruel? !!
Going to church as a child, at the very beginning, was a positive life-changer for the family. Yet, it never fooled me. I knew something was off from the beginning. I see that the family I once had, hid behind this religion and found something that would justify their stupidity. I know there are lots of dysfunctional family dynamics involved, but the mormon doctrine made it worse. Now they cannot get off their high horse because they think they are superior. I have noticed too that other non-regular church members get shunned as well as those that leave the fold.
Members of religion, particularly LDS, make the church central to their lives. When they leave the church, I wonder if they reflect with regret of how much time in their lives they've spent (wasted?) with such great faith and contributing effort, in a belief system that wasn't true at all.
Because there is a linking of family to Mormonism, Scientology and JW's within these traditions the outcome of leaving is extremely painful. As a Catholic various family members have practised and then not practised our faith over many years. It would never occur to any one of us to shun them because of their choices. We pray for them instead.
I like the point she made about doctrine keeping people in line through fear. It's how most religions work, and it's especially powerful when the indoctrination starts in the weak and vulnerable minds of children. It carries into adulthood and people fear honestly questioning their beliefs because they know doubt can lead to truth, and if truth conflicts with their beliefs they'll be punished with eternal damnation.
My friend, what you said is exactly what I've been recently thinking. I want to have a family someday and the doctrine that I can't be in the Terrestrial or Tellestial Kingdoms without my wife and kids tells me that the Mormon God is imperfect. If He were perfect He would, yes, give all of His children a certain degree of glory as LDS doctrine states, but would allow them to be happy, truly happy with precious family by their side. I hate how the Church enthuses so much about free agency when coercion through faith happens on a daily basis!
this is why I never ended up joining the church. i didn't want to be cut off from my family. I didn't want to force them to miss out on parts of my life. God would never divide families. i know it sounds cheesy, but Ohana means Family and family means no one gets left behind or forgotten.
wat a loser
this is not true
mormonism has strong parallels w adolf hitler n the 3rd reich,,, roots in the occult,, generous use of fear n paranoia, ..my way or the highway thinking, intimidation, ,,,read up on solomon spalding n his book of mormon writings that smith copied,,, .. smith was a successful con artist a Profiteer YES,,a prophet NO, ...the virtues of lds faith r promoting nonsmoking , non boozing non drugging, genealogy is a great program that unites folks n helps people learn about their families,,its not all rotten but alot of it s just total whacko bullshittery... u have to think 4 yourself n use reason n logic n not blindly follow cult leaders like adolf hitler joseph smith jim jones , marshal applewhite etc,,,,dont b scared to think 4 yourself n ask questions....your life is your responsibility n belongs to you n only u
You could have always loved your children. You never understood the doctrines of the church if this is what you believed. I've made terrible mistakes in my life, but only felt love and support from leaders. Humans are human, so whoever hurt you, I'm sorry. As far as teachings go, you've just got it wrong. The doctrine of of the church is THE GRACE OF CHRIST. Only thru him is one saved. Lots of rumors, misconceptions, misunderstanding and sometimes out right lies have come about. I would like to reiterate: The people of the church are only human. Also, you were the one who kept yourself from just loving your kids. That's all I do, love them.
It was interesting to watch this story, but I am a Mormon.
This is deeply moving. Thank you to this woman for sharing.
A cult started by a con"man" , past down to sexual deviants, and now being (b)leed by a bunch of greedy, geriatric parasites. 'For'Profit MonScum and his quaint little stories.

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