Facts About Pigs That'll Make Bacon Less Tasty

Facts About Pigs That'll Make Bacon Less Tasty

Bacon was already nasty but this doesn't make it any more discusting
I hate bacon
It’s a win win cuz u eat a defenseless pig and u can get cancer
Love how they made this video but they say more bacon is better! Like XD
I am muslim and this video is true
I don't eat bacon because of my religion.even if I could eat pork I wouldn't eat this cuz it has a lot of fat
I'm a vegetarian yo!
go vegan!
bacon is still just as tasty.
Jokes on you, I can’t eat pork!
Allah already said it in the Holy Koran don't Eat Pigs....
Bacon eewwwwwwwwwwwwww
Mouth Watering
Makes me wish I was vegan
I think pigs are disgusting.
More than anything they too have pains and feeling 💞 proud vegan 😎😎
Don't be a racist, pigs are just a race like horses and dogs:
1:19: "What do you think about eating pigs?"

I think they taste good.
Boi wtf im eating bacon while watching this
We Muslims are not allowed to eat Bacon because that is Haram for us
Like if you are a Muslim

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