Facts About Pigs That'll Make Bacon Less Tasty

Facts About Pigs That'll Make Bacon Less Tasty

Love how they made this video but they say more bacon is better! Like XD
I am muslim and this video is true
I don't eat bacon because of my religion.even if I could eat pork I wouldn't eat this cuz it has a lot of fat
I'm a vegetarian yo!
go vegan!
bacon is still just as tasty.
Jokes on you, I can’t eat pork!
Allah already said it in the Holy Koran don't Eat Pigs....
Bacon eewwwwwwwwwwwwww
I’m Muslim and still eat pork
Mouth Watering
Makes me wish I was vegan
I think pigs are disgusting.
More than anything they too have pains and feeling 💞 proud vegan 😎😎
Don't be a racist, pigs are just a race like horses and dogs:
1:19: "What do you think about eating pigs?"

I think they taste good.
Boi wtf im eating bacon while watching this
We Muslims are not allowed to eat Bacon because that is Haram for us
Like if you are a Muslim
Awh, see Lucent on YouTube to see the pig industry 🐷
Kill bacon and ham and sausage! I have a pig myself!

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