How to Harvest Worm Castings Worm Farming

How to Harvest Worm Castings Worm Farming

Hello,May I ask, I did harvest a small quantity from my warm bin for first time and I dont know, should let it dry a little bit or I can add it right away to the tomato plant?
Thank you in advance!Bets regards,
Hello! A week ago , I harvested my castings from 10 gallon bin. The cured stuff got really clumpy and hard. My question is, do I wait or should I amend the clumps?

I have not used the methods from this video for harvesting but they look really effective! Thanks for sharing!
Fastest and easiest method I found: install fresh bedding on the bottom by moving content first to one side then other. Place bin under a desk lamp for 10-20 min and all worms will move down from the surface. Keep the light on and take only about half inch at a time and sift. What goes through the sifter is compost, what remains goes back into the bin at the end. Do not worry about few eggs or little worms that get through sifter, they will be useful in your garden.
Haven't seen your other video's (yet).....What are you feeding them? (and) Is there anything I should NOT feed them....(I know that they dont take well to highly acidic scraps such as onions, lemons, etc....but I may be wrong)....Thank you Misilla
what about worm eggs? would they hatch and migrate within 3 week of no feeding to the other side as well?
Do they eat dog's hair?
Thank you! I could not find any detailed harvesting videos and had been nervous about starting a bin because of it. I like to have all of the info before I start something :) Your method of vermicompost makes the most sense for me and I feel more confident about starting a bin now! Thanks again :D -Blessings
Super informative! Thank you!
How many lbs. of worm I have to buy for that sample bin you show us?  What kind of worm is more productive.  
This is very helpful. I will start doing vermicompost next month and I am getting more information.  thank you in sharing this interesting video.
I'm doing a project for my science fair at school about red worm composting. Your video was really simple and helpful in explaining how to harvest worm castings! I give it a thumbs up :)
Misilla.....I have enjoyed your site, especially your directions for worm composting.  My worms are not doing well, I think because I was using a bucket and it got too wet, not enough air. etc.  So I switched to your method using a 10 gallon storage bin.  I had a lot of  compost so I separated it out using the pile method which worked well.  I had a bucket half full and started to let it sit/rest but decided to take it out again into piles to see if I had missed worms or if I could identify eggs or cocoons or what ever they are called.  Do you try to remove some of these? Or do they hatch in the 2-3 resting weeks?   Or do you just not worry about it and let the worms keep reproducing?  After harvesting the compost do you feed the worms right away or wait for a week?
Why Vermicomposting? Stop disease - learn how to create healthy dirt for your garden
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Much easier way to do it! I learned from this lady and she would pick out the worms. Well that takes forever lol. This way is much easier. Going to try this when I get my worms going. 
Thanks for all that information. I appreciate it.
Hi Misilla - thank you for the shout-out! We appreciate the compliment & you sharing our mission! :) One quick extra note...when you harvest this way don't forget there will also be tiny brown/clear lemon-shaped worm cocoons that might still be in those worm castings so you want to keep an eye out for those (and put them back) as growing your population is important to get the proper density in your bin (and hence more efficiency in your food conversion). We have a youtube channel up...many ideas for future videos so keep an eye out :)
Its a good thing that you are wearing gloves. That stuff is so rich, when I did that without gloves the hand that I was handling the castings with grow larger that the other one! lol
Thank you Misilla! We are going to start ours today, you make it look so doable!
That's the way to do it if you don't won't to shift out 100s of worms 
There we go.  Got it :)

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