Clark Harris Womens Jersey  Evolution of human genes and the origin of agriculture

Evolution of human genes and the origin of agriculture

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Wish more people would slow down and watch these videos! 👌 Very informative and easy to understand for most individuals regardless of educational level.
Your presentations bring together so many aspects of human evolution, such as how various species interacted. As a geologist, I am aware of very important changes in land surface since the last glacial maximum approximately 26,000 years before present. So basically, much of hominin interbreeding and cultural exchanges occurred prior to when major meltwater pulses wreaked havoc upon many cultures.
Glacial and interglacial intervals and consequent sea level changes with their timing are important enough to warrant specific studies of hominins against the background of ice and ocean changes. Also, discoveries of cultural constructions along sea bottoms worldwide should help to improve archeological knowledge.
What a great talk! Why does it only have 15k views.
I am a mix of Swedish, Dutch and Prussian ancestors through my grandfathers and English, Scots and Irish through my grandfathers--so I have white blond hair, very fair skin and have always been very stocky and strong which would be an advantage in cold climates
Coming from a family that believes that the world was only started 5000 years ago I can def say thank you for this content. Intuitive but still explains the subject matter. Not academic and condescending like some lectures. World needs more vids like this
Third of your videos i have seen now,
i can just as well subscribe :)
Your videos are very informative. Totally interesting. I'm amazed there are not more thumb up marks for this video.
I had my DNA tested very early after it became available. I found it terribly boring. If you throw brother in there, (since females only get mitochondrial DNA results) can they be combined so I get my dad in there?
Milk dose a body good. Keep a cow with you during lean times.
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I love that you go beyond just superficially mentioning the conventional lactate dehydrogenase adaptation and explain some of the more obscure/interesting ones. Thanks for the video!
Selection pressure likely peaked when it permitted a child, recently weaned because of a new sibling, to survive on cow, sheep or goat milk. Those who did not happen to have two copies of the new allele, did not survive as frequently.
(Another) great video. The lactase persistence phenomena has always puzzled me as the detrimental phenotype of lactose intolerance (not to be confused with a milk allergy) is not terribly debilitating. Additionally, in terms of evolutionary time, dairying technology that employed bacteria to break down the lactose was effectively coincident with cattle/goat/sheep domestication Therefore it doesn't seem like the kind of thing that natural selection would have cared that much about unless there's more to the story...
Muito obrigado pela excelente palestra!

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