Evolution of Harvest Moon 1996 - 2018

Evolution of Harvest Moon 1996 - 2018

Harvest moon A Wonderfull live Juaranya
SNES N64 PS1 best version.
Harvest moon snes ❤
7:07, I'm like, 100% positive that's Rune Factory 2, lol.
Rune factory tuh series Harvest moon ?
Rune factory is seriously a love child of HM and rpgs ❤❤❤
Harvest moon save the homeland is the best
Harvest moon games arent the same anymore after playing stardew valley. Its like everything Ive ever wanted in a harvest moon game.
My dad found harvest moon for the ds in a lost backpack that no1 claimed as his work and gave me it (and a few other games), was least looking forward to trying harvest moon but ended up playing it the most. If some random kid didn't leave their backpack at McDonalds in the small ass town I grew up in then I probably would have never played harvest moon. I'm quite proud that I have my save fully upgraded on everything in that game too, even the island house that you cant put anything it and is completely useless for how much it costs.
Saya donk main hero of leaf valley
Ko hay
Where HV : Grand Bazaar?
Save the homeland is thebbest
I like and love harvest moon back to nature
Btw Nih Video Di Upload Pas Ultah Ane Dulu :v 5 Jul
Harevest moont a woonder full life menurut gw yang paling seru 😭
Hmbtn plg gw suka
In 2012, my daugter was born just like A New Beginning!
1st: Light of Hope
2nd: Back to Nature
3rd: Hero of Leaf Valley
4th: A/Another Wonderful Life

Edit: Back to Nature the carather was slow

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