Evolution of Harvest Moon 1996 - 2018

Evolution of Harvest Moon 1996 - 2018

Friends of mineral town still close to my heart.
I will always love Save The Homeland.
You forgot that Harvest Moon: Another Wonderful Life was also on Nintendo Gamecube, as you can see from the buttons on the top of the clip you put.
What Ag ?
My favourite is Grand Bazaar haha
wtf the 2003 version is much better than 2018😂
It seems nostalgic since i was young XD
Yang paling bagus harvest moon back to nature karena ada bahasa indonesianya dan alur ceritanya menarik
Save the homeland was the best! Played that all night the first day I got it as a kid.
Harvest Moon Magical Melody is my favorite ❤️
Harvest moon back to nature is the best
Who is Harvest Moon for GBC and Harvest Moon 3 for GBC.... ?!
Back To Nature is The Best!
aku paling suka HV AWL
Gw suka main ini karena lagunya sedih dan gw paling suka game harvest moon ps 1
For me harvest moon was dead after 2009..........thats all i will say
Rather play harvest moon back to nature over and over agian instead of playing the new ones 😔
This"fantasy Harvest Moon"editions are shit.
00:12😢 nananananana

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