Evolution of Harvest Moon 1996 - 2018

Evolution of Harvest Moon 1996 - 2018

I have harvest moon tree of tranquility
So basically, Harvest Moon died 15 years ago and they've been beating the same dead horse for money ever since, and just running the Harvest Moon name in to the ground..
Thank ConcernedApe for Stardew Valley, that's the closest we'll get to anything resembling what HM used to be..
2007 is the best year. I still play harvest moon Ds Island of happiness👍🏼
jadi inget dulu.. main yang BTN sama wonderful life.. jadi pengen kecil lagi wkwkw
wkwkwkwk bang kenapa rune factory a fatansy harvest moon yang pertama videonya malah jadi rune factory 2?
Uff cuánta belleza!
Friends Of Mineral Town Is The Best
Ahhh this takes me back so much. I remember constantly playing Friends of Mineral Town and More Friends of Mineral Town over and over. Then, discovering other harvest moon games, I loved them all. I didnt really have one that I hated or had a favorite. I just loved to play them so much. My brother introduced me to these games, letting me first play on a psp, I loved it, always playing and playing. It was my favorite past time. I dont have wiis, ps3 or ps4s so im kinda behind. But I still love the games. Watching this really takes me back and see how far the whole thing's gone. The story's... deteriorated. But I still love it. This makes me want to go play old games loll. Great video
im still playing harvest moon a wonderful life.. i really like that game
Apparent unpopular opinion: MAGICAL MELODY WAS THE BEST. ❤️ 😤
That’s My Time at Portia...
Harvest moon: A Wonderful life wasn't only pc and ps1. It was Game Cube too.
I used to play friends of mineral town..I'm so happy to see so many of you are playing harvest moon
Vim ver os comentários,e esqueci que o vídeo não é brasileiro haha '-'
Back to nature ♥♥♥♥♥
I’m gonna be real here my favorite ones that I’ve played was Back to Nature and Animal Parade.
2009 is the best
It's one of the less popular Harvest Moon games among people that have played since the beginning but I just love Animal Parade. I always felt happy playing this game and making recipes to give to the townsfolk.
I loved HM since i was 6 yrs old and played 7 dif games <3
But I heard the last HM light of hope should be rly bad ... I wonder if its true :/
Fomt was my first and I love IT to death
Gran Bazaar Is amazing and innovative
Tott I also really like, Along with SoS ToT
The New harvest moon by Natsume hace that kawaii esque kinda look that just looks cringy

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