Clark Harris Womens Jersey  Evolution of Harvest Moon 1996 - 2018

Evolution of Harvest Moon 1996 - 2018

Harvest Moon Back To Nature Only One 🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤
Bis auf die Runefactory Teile und die alten GBA Teile ist Harvest Moon echt nicht toll. Hat sich in den Jahren echt nicht gut gemacht.
I watched the whole video just to see if they knew when HM stopped being HM. Looks like they didn’t, and this video fell into Natsume’s trap. A shame, because there are some recent games that are actually the right franchise
It's sad that the best graphics for the series were in 2006 and 2008 for Tree of Tranquility and Animal Parade. And that the graphics have only regressed since.
Natsume is really a ass
As a farmer & botanist(sometimes), i like Back to Nature, a Wonderful Life, & Innocent Life (Harvestmoon ; Natsume)...As a Agropreneur, i like Grand Bazaar, Tale of Two Towns, a New Beginning and (Story of Seasons series; Marvelous)
Harvest moon 64 was cute af! The music, graphics and interacting with town was just Kawaii
I've never played a harvest moon game and this is pretty confusing lmao

Rune factory frontier, rune factory 4, tides of destiny, save the homeland, hero of leaf valley, hometown story... Could someone give me their opinions or recommend a specific one? I love animal crossing and dragon quest builders if that means anything lol
So I enjoy the video but, Harvest Moon A Wonderful Life, and Another Wonderful Life were originally for game cube :) dont forget next time. BTW they are the best other than n64s original.
Harvesmoon back to nature is best series
Harvest moon back to nature is the king
7:07 rune factory itu seharusnya karakter pertama itu raguna , bukan film dari rune factory 2 , itukan anak laki-lakinya kyle , harun ( arrun ) ?! 😀😃
Ive always loved magical melody. Always played it when i was younger. So nostalgic.
Holy sht I played 10 Harvest Moon/Story of Season games!? Can't wait for Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town!!!
Hmtott is also grear
Cade os brs que jogavam
In BTN, I really hate it when u throw the crops in the bin and can't aim so it's just a waste food if u have bad aim. But I still like it though.
8:52 oh hi Mark!
5:00 - The Best Harvest Moon!
Still hoping they'll add old ideas to the new games. I would really love to have the rival children (Animal Parade) and have them grow up to be teenagers at different times (Wonderful Life). Maybe even add something where they have a day care or someone to babysit. It never made sense to leave the baby in the house by themselves, lol. Or have an item where you can carry your baby on your back while doing farm work. Then there's career choice (Wonderful Life) and school (Animal Parade). It would be nice if the kids helped at either of the parent's workplace on weekends. Also there's the house. It would be better to have their own rooms and not have the bed in the living/kitchen area. (Wonderful Life) The saving diary can still be in there but not the bed. Another great idea would be to have different blueprint options for your home, lol.

From what I heard they are doing a remake of Friends of Mineral Town for switch. I think that was the first Harvest Moon game I've ever played. Still, as much as I'm fond of it, I hope they don't make another remake right after that one. Too bad they don't take suggestions to make Story of Seasons better. Of course, they're doing a great job already, but I just wish they'll expand on the family aspect.

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