Ethiopia opens Africa's largest industrial park

Ethiopia opens Africa's largest industrial park

You will not see this on CNN and BBC they only report negative side of Africa... love you Ethiopia
I love Ethiopia can someone help me to visit there just a from Gambia I will finance myself
Well done CGTN for reporting good and positive news from Africa. The Western Media are biased. You will never see such report on Africa from the BBC or the CNN. Well done Ethiopia and congrats to Abiy Ahmed
The guy just said that they chose Ethiopia for cheap labor. They are basically exploiting.
God bless Ethiopia from an American I hope they are better to their people than we have been.
camin. bizenes. men bay. frond. etiopian. wold. by. strorn. candry giver. lifer
say. hina. boost. etiopian. fain. open. dont. thinck china. duit. wold. jop. peopler. giver
Best Wishes for Ethiopia and Africa from Pakistan
Well done ethiobia from brother somaliland
Wow this is great good job some Africans countries a heard working the rest are still slapping country like ghana my country the leaders are so lazy
bravo Ethiopians, wish you the best.Kenya boy.
Relly iam happy to se ethiopia booming bt ethiopian kill my mom my father my kids and distory my country somalia
እግዚአብሔር ይመስገን !! ለህዝብ ለዉጥ ይሁንልን ። 💪💪💪 ኢትዮጵያ ትቅደም !! 💪💪💪
Only China builds those industrial parks. What about the other foreign companies? I hope China charges them rent.
Go forward Ethiopia.
alhamdulillah hagere lezih edget deresechilin,allah hoy yehe yegenebuten yasgenebuten barkelin.
great news....this is great for Africa in general.....
Talk about upraising against government
Talk about tplf apartied system.
Too many social economical and political issues.yet you about foriegners open indu. park for their benefits and indirect colonization.
Are people who work there paid enough? According to some reports, absolutely not, neither they have holidays nor health assistance. Industrialization can be good, but basic rights have to be guaranteed, otherwise it's just gonna be exploitation.
Absolutely incredible

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