Easiest Way to Load Pigs onto Trailer

Easiest Way to Load Pigs onto Trailer

My pigs would never do that
I really like your idea. Where can I get a trailer like that? I have not been able to find one in NC yet. Thanks.
are they going to slaughter? or are you keeping them? or killing them yourselves?
Nice, if I had time to do this I would. Good video, just gave you my sub
That's pretty much how we loaded our pig but with a much more makeshift set up using pallots as teh way in and food to tempt her
That's so awesome!

I thought you went "Sooie Pig!" to get them in to eat. Surprised me.
That is a nice set up. Do you sell your hogs live or butcher them? Any issues with un-loading?
Nice setup! Well done!

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