Easiest Way to Load Pigs onto Trailer

Easiest Way to Load Pigs onto Trailer

NICE VIDEO❗But, it looks to me that your rear door won't close cuz the ramp is in the way...... I have learned (the hard way) to setup for a week to prevent reluctant hogs. If you miss your butcher date it may take months to get scheduled back in. Also, hold food the day before loading to make sure the pigs will cooperate and finally, I try to get them to the butcher a day ahead of my butcher date to prevent stress and adrenaline in the meat. It makes for the highest quality pork 🐷
My pigs would never do that
I really like your idea. Where can I get a trailer like that? I have not been able to find one in NC yet. Thanks.
are they going to slaughter? or are you keeping them? or killing them yourselves?
Nice, if I had time to do this I would. Good video, just gave you my sub
That's pretty much how we loaded our pig but with a much more makeshift set up using pallots as teh way in and food to tempt her
That's so awesome!

I thought you went "Sooie Pig!" to get them in to eat. Surprised me.
That is a nice set up. Do you sell your hogs live or butcher them? Any issues with un-loading?
Nice setup! Well done!

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