Clark Harris Womens Jersey  Duncan's Lab - 42 - Drills & Crop-Matrons!

Duncan's Lab - 42 - Drills & Crop-Matrons!

Duncan spawned in the weed ex watch sips and sjins series
for interdiction torches to work properly they have too be on the ground. its glitched out like that witch is super annoying.
he knows you can just walk on the crops so long as you don't jump on the plants
6:33 Does Tekkit even HAVE titanium?
guys if u look at the ip its actually a lan server there was never a chance for anyone getting on the server 
so for my farm I used block breakers to get my crops automatically, is there a way to plant automatically?
PvZ :)
how do you put flowers down cos it wont let me
Interdiction torches need to be on the floor
Walk through the crops- jumping kills, walking doesn't
I think the crossbreed is stick reed
I hate the farming
Duncan, Why did you change to sphax 64x? 128x was kind of COOL/BETTER then 64x... just sayin
you can walk across crops and they wont break its only when something jumps onto it
jou are cool duncan ime dutch im can not good inglis im 9 yaers old
We have the same picture. :P
I know, I was saying that to people watching, not Duncan.

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