Duck Farming (documentary)| Modern Farming Methods in the Philippines

Duck Farming (documentary)| Modern Farming Methods in the Philippines

please feel free to ask anything about this business and I would be very glad to share my techniques about duck farming. If you can subscribe it is much better in order for you to be notified of the upcoming videos. Thank you very much!
It's ducky paradise :o
sir Dexter's World puwede po makahingi ng number niyo po? taga zamboanga city po ako gusto ko pong ma contact kayo interested po ako sa pag aalaga ng duck
I also raised ducks and also hatched myself in my video, there was also a way to incubate duck eggs and make a hatchery machine
Sir dexter thank you for sharing us i have plan for that bussiness
Anu po na feeds ang pinapakain nyo sir?
I like it sir
Very cool!
hello sir, am currently looking into farm business thru the youtube videos and it happens that i came to your channel. hope i could an orientation personally from you before i start mine in my hometown when i go home
Very good information..tq sir...i will try to make it as my side income...i hope i will success like sir...
hello sir can i just ask something its about in our thesis in my bachelor, what are the usually problems that you encounter? thank you hope you answer
Mast business
Anung kla.c na patuka ginagamit mo sir at anu combinasyon??? Sa feeding process anu ginagawa mo?
mo hinh trang trai nuoi vịt de trứng
Name the feed that u give to duck and in what quantity??
I want to have a close eye on you n learn from u
hello sir Dexter, i also plan to raise duck, could you tell me the very first step and what kind of variety good for balut business, thanks..
India westbengol ducks hatchings eggs and duck chicks jonna phone korun 90629422205 Biswajit

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