Duck Farming (documentary)| Modern Farming Methods in the Philippines

Duck Farming (documentary)| Modern Farming Methods in the Philippines

please feel free to ask anything about this business and I would be very glad to share my techniques about duck farming. If you can subscribe it is much better in order for you to be notified of the upcoming videos. Thank you very much!
i want to learn from you
Nice video, I am really inspired and am already working on a project too. I would love you share idea with you if possible?

What do you feed them ?
3:40 i saw a gamefowl rooster
I was in Philippines but I can't eat eggs whit duck baby inside.... God
Dear Dexter,please can you enlighten us on feed formula for duck
dexter i have a on hectare property and i want to engage duck egg business? i would ask you a lot of tips
1. housing design
2. breeds of ducks
3. incubator design
4. duck feeds and lastly
5. eggs marketing how is the demand of duck eggs

hope i can have your answer soon
nice video
Idol nag binta po kayu ng itik gustu ko sanang bumili. Taga Zamboanga del Norte po ako
my mom watches this cause she wants balut
ليش ماتسوي ترجمه عربي علمود نستفاد ونفتهم منك
Pwed ba mag bisita sa lugar nmo?
Sir Dex plan ko mag duck farm unsa ang mga preparation nga needed ug pila kabuok ang dapat alagaan sa first timer sama nako..much appreciated sa imong mga tips
hi dexter, i am Amit from INDIA , i want to know that can i raise ducks and fish in a same pond if the depth of the pond is just 2 feet.
San pwede mkabili ng duck kuya?
Kuya pwede ba mgtagalog kanalang kc mhirpan po tlaga ako umintindi ,hahahahhha
Hello po! Nakakainganyo.baman po ang duck business

Mga ilang itik.pwede pag mag start po.

Ang ilang month ang itik para pwede na mangitlog?

Pano.gawin.ang incubator? Salamat po!
Me & my son is watching your video & my son said the uncle is so good that he is taking care of all ducks 🦆 😊👍
wow. sir how much po yung isang pato?, mas maganda ba pag bibi bilhin mo o yung malalaki na . balak ko po kasi mag business nyan. mahilig kasi ako sa hayup. este hayop

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