Clark Harris Womens Jersey  Draining Yeast from your Conical Fermenter

Draining Yeast from your Conical Fermenter

What brand of conical is that?
My question is, how much settles on the sides of the inclined portion in the vessel?
Does it all drain out?
Are the non removable remnants worth worrying about?
@car97: There is a secondary valve about 6" above the drain valve that is used for bottling. You'd have better results with carbonation if you drained into a bottling bucket first; but only because you may have small amounts of fetmentation byproduct laying in the bottom. I drain my beer right into a keg and force carbonate with co2.
Thanks for the video. I was thinking about purchasing a minibrew now, can a person bottle right from the conical? and if so, is it safe to add the priming sugar right from the top of the conical?

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