Clark Harris Womens Jersey  Don Edwards - Cattle Call

Don Edwards - Cattle Call

Nice song!
Impressed, indeed !
Loved it 👍👍👍😍
Greetings from 🇨🇭
I look up what don 's words meant and it is history.    listen
This is a hard tune to yodel it properly no one has been able to do it perfectly
too bad to say that good men like Don Edwards are almost a lost breed.
dont no how ive missed don but better late than never
beautiful job, still sing this song at 75, and still fills my heart with longing.
Been trying to impersonate you for weeks now, but is here a transcript of the words? Can't seem to find one... :-(
Western... not the same as country!
Never heard of him, but has a great voice, love it.
Too much contemporary country sounds like rock with a slightly different arrangement, with steel guitars and fiddles thrown in. THIS is the real deal.
Listening to Don is like listening to my dad, one of the last original buckaroos. Dad is gone, but not forgotten. Neither are his stories.
Thank you adding so much of Don Edwards to Youtube.  A real, true blue artist.
i us to sing thos in third grade
The just sing this anymore.  I sure miss it   Thank you 
Great version. Do you happen to have the one off the album Songs of the trail.If so could you put it on youtube. Thanks again for this one.
Love this song
Never gets old - sung by the Master!

Oh my goodness, Mr Edwards, boy does that take me back!  

I want to dedicate this song to my Dad, Carlos Rivers.... who had a yodel...or two in him... ....may he rest in peace.    

Boy does this whole video hit the spot!   Thank you!

God bless you Don Edwards.   You put a BIG smile on my face.   ...with my head thrown back, laughing.  
Don Edwards is a national hero, preserving and passing on the quickly vanishing cowboy music.

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