Documentary of Nepal Agricultural Research Council NARC

Documentary of Nepal Agricultural Research Council NARC

who is funding the research i wanted to know
thak u sir for valuable information
Stop using urea,dav etc highly intoxicated chemicals in agriculture, westerns r totally rascals stop listening them n start organic cultivation
Really meaningful and wise knowledge about agriculture system in nepal....As a agriculture student i feel really glad that we have lots of oppurnities here in Nepal...thank u NARC
I'm an Indian from Solapur-MAH' & own multiacred open, uncultivated-farm-lands, about 5-to-25-acres, least-irrigated, prevailing within municipal-corporation-limits, lying-vacant for several years, in & around city of Solapur.
Few Nepali friends, well educated & experienced men/woman-(about - 2-to-20 in all) from Kathmandu are expecting to reach my hometown in Solapur-Maharashtra-India, in next few weeks, possibly to associate/CoInvest/PartlyOwn - farming & agriculture works with me, on my above family-&-SelfOwned farm-lands, where we both together with Nepali friends'll jointly do agricultural activity, for commercial-production & for supply/consumption to local-markets.
We are considering to do so for its first-time & never did this before, we'r thinking of starting first set-of-crops with FloriCulture, to be sold in local SolapurCity-markets & possibly through Pune-airport & Pune-Flower-Markets to rest of India & abroad, if possible.

Pliz inform us if projects & programs of Assistance-&-Collaborations between Indian-Nepal,-banks and India-Nepal-Government-Cooperations can benefit in this matter, to my Nepali-friends, if yes - then which are those agri'-schemes which'll help Nepali-folks, while they are in Solapur-India working on above purposes.

You are most welcome to get in touch with us & work as Consulting-agri'-Advisor/Associate, for our agri'-projects here in Solapur-India, if you wish.

sent by -
Mr.Atul KOTA
address - 1, SarvodayaNagar, Solapur-413003-India
tel': +912172600836 & e'm:
thank you so much NARC for such a wonderful work and hope to see more progress

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