Do Potbellied Pigs Make Good Pets? | Pet Pigs

Do Potbellied Pigs Make Good Pets? | Pet Pigs

do they stink up the house?
No they are not!! Don't fall into the lie. They are selfish disgusting Pee poop machines Who will ruin everything in your home and your yard
They are pet what???
Potbellied pigs aren't easy animals to keep as pets. Thumbs up if you agree.
I feel like a scumbag for eating meat.
Is the pig laying next to her full grown? I would love to have a lot that size.
Painting them feels like petting a paint brush
Very good and helpful information! We have a black pig, called Whiskey, she's a little bit bigger then the pigs in this video but just as smart and very emotional ... She needs lots of attention and loves acting in our youtube pig-stories!
You could take away every mention of pigs and replace with dogs and it'd work just fine. My collie sleeps, eats, naps, eats, walks, poops, and then rests.
Pigs are pigs))) I'd rather have a pet cat.
stop playing with my food
I’d like to know about their bathroom habits.
07805221093 💬💌💌
Ravenous children in Africa could’ve annihilate that pig.

man who walked on moon is Neil Armstrong -
Pigs are the best! They are more clever than dogs and pigs even taste great. I love them! <3
They make great food I mean friends "friends"
Yes they are amazing

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