Clark Harris Womens Jersey  DJI – Introducing the Agras MG-1

DJI – Introducing the Agras MG-1

Iam have drone dji phantom,spark,agras
me interesa soy de bolivia
Dont waste your money to buy this if your country still have rain..
Cost is too high
So the farmer can now fire those minimum wage workers who rely on the job to feed their families...
I'm not understanding the market these guys are going after with this $15K rig. The capacity is tiny and the Yamaha RMAX seems like a much better solution with more capacity and easier fueling, albeit more expensive. 80% of the rice fields in Japan are dusted using the RMAX(just read that) and they've actually been doing this for 20 years. I don't think electric is there yet, but kudos to DJI for pushing development. Perhaps a gas/electric hybrid would bridge the gap?
how much it's cost
I found Yamaha has helicopter, which is better for agriculture spraying?
Why do I have this feeling that DJI will be the first company to introduce flying cars? we're already two years behind Back to the Future's prediction.
This is awesome! I am going to become a DJI reseller!
Wonder if one could use this for delivery.
How many hectares can you make / hour?
Normal people use this drone for farming, but bad people ( like terorists ) use it for Agent Orange and Sulfur mustard. Police can use this drone for Tear Gas or smoke
I think cops think about DJI - COP Drone-1
its very high price boss though it is not a fuel operated
What? No camera, no follow me mode? Pfff worthless...( hehe )
Where's the pizza delivery version?
Badass cropduster
product is good but the price is to high

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