Clark Harris Womens Jersey  DJI - Agras MG-1S - Unboxing & Installation

DJI - Agras MG-1S - Unboxing & Installation

What is the price?
what is the flight time of this drone?
No one is close to DJI. Hats down! I own Inspire 1 & Phantom 3S. Mavic is on the way ;-)
Some great tutorials on here but I need some advice.
I bought a Phantom 4 and was flying it in Beginners mode which is 100 feet up max and 100 feet away. I flew 100 feet away and about 80 feet up then it said out of range. I tried to bring it back but it would only move to the right and left I had to land it where it was it's a good job I was in a large open field.
What do you think the problem was with your know how with your products.
I had a look online and some say don't use beginners mode what do you think?
I hope homeland security or some other governmental agency monitors the sale of these. Eek.
Modern crop duster
What a beast!!!!
wow that thing is huge I am so glad I chose the Mavic Pro!
jeez Louise how long will that thing stay in the air! !!!


27508 | 236 | 5m 53s

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