Dj Puffy : Barbados Crop Over 2015 Soca Sampler

Dj Puffy : Barbados Crop Over 2015 Soca Sampler

Banging dis in 2019 because 2015 soca sweet!!!!🍯
What is the song called at 59 min?
this hotttt
wicked dj puffy badd na rass
Leave Soca to Trinidad please

WTF was this shit? 😂😢😂😢😂😂
guess i gotta what till next year
i love this tune I'm just so sorry i was not in barbados summer 2015
My favorite DJ by far ! Vincy need you more often lol.
I will always support my Barbadian people. Keep it up!
lovin it
i am loving it!!!!
niceness puffy. it  sweet
I would always big you up puffy. You are always humble.
DJ Puffy!!!! loving the vibes in this mix.. i'm Grenadian but i'm just loving de vibes
i remember puffy met you at shontelle birthday party at bb kings in new york....glad to see you still doin big tings!!! respect bro nice mix
keep doing what you do puffy
Swear i listen to this mix every morning.. gets my day going
About time this get to youtube.
Thank God We Have Socaaa!!!!!🎶👐 Finally a mix from this year!!!

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