Clark Harris Womens Jersey  DIY Worm bin, harvesting worm castings and fertilizing your garden

DIY Worm bin, harvesting worm castings and fertilizing your garden

Thanks, very useful video. Top!
i would use a third bin with a fine wire grate for the top one. the castings would fall threw to the middle while your worms and food stayed in the top. might require a little shaking or smacking of the sides to help it fall down every once in awhile.
I'm in southern cali and I use the tap water from my sprinklers. The worms are either adapted to it or it doesn't bother them. Of course I started my worm bins by piling kitchen waste outside my kitchen window. This brought the native worm population in and it has exploded ever since. In about 3 to 4 months you'll have more than enough worms to expand your waste pile into an organized set of worm bins.
a great way to get the worms to move is to puree up the food scraps, then spread them out on the top of half the bin. then place some wet newspapers on top of the food so the worms will come all the way to the surface. wait a day and lift the paper and you will see all your worms in the food. at that point, remove the other half of the bin and re prep the half u removed for another cycle. Use the new prepped side as the puree food side to get the worms to move again to clear out the other side.
When you are done with your castings you could put some food on one side of the bin and wait a day. I'm sure all of the worms will move to where the food is, then you can scoop out the rest.... if that makes any sense.
Does it smell bad 
Very good video ...very informative! Where do you get the worms?
Good to know I am not the only one who....
Thx for watching and for the advice!
Thx for the comment "bling blong"
I hear adding used coffee grounds to a "worm house" (fish bait worms) will make them work triple time maybe that will help this process also.
Thanks. Keep up the goo work.
I bought them from "Uncle Jims Worm Farm" . Hope that helps and good luck.
Excellent. Where did you get your worms?
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Glad you liked it :)
have my own worms and did it the same way. great results on my plants and garden. enjoying your videos. thanks for posting
Typically I only harvest them once or twice a year so it doesn't hurt as much. Usually the fertilizer I get from each harvest will last me long enough long enough for the next harvest. But if you want to build something look for "warm harvesters" here on youtube and you will see some great DIY ideas. Hope that helps.
Good walk through. I'd love to see the other ways you tried or know of how to separate worms out. This has been the only time inefficient part of the process for me. Thanks
thx Mark..I use Pinnacle's Studio.

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