DIY Livestock Trailer -- Using Cattle Panels

DIY Livestock Trailer -- Using Cattle Panels

We like cattle panels! We're on less than 1/2 acre of land so nothing we build is very big. We used the panels for a hoop house/ greenhouse and a chicken run. This pen for your trailer was brilliant!
I love the cattle panels I fence with them! love them!
Such a fantastic idea and extra use for the trailer. Great video!
Looks like Frankie is going to freezer camp? Couldn't help but notice the apron on the one man. Either way, I really loved this video. Will be using this in the future for SURE!
Great Information. I'll be making one for my smaller trailer now. Thanks for sharing!
We built a wooden hauler that goes in the bed of the pick up truck.. it's make if 2X4s .. geoff and I lift it into And and out of the truck so often... it's sooooo heavy!! IYour hauler looks very nice! Big thumbs up!! Dan the man!!
Great job Danny! I was given 4 pcs of hog panel that had been hit on one end with a fork lift for $10.00. I started cutting off the damage parts with my ancient bolt cutters, started a real battle until I Wd d and oiled them!!!! So much easier!!! I fitted the panels onto my 10' metal trailer using Ubolts and wiring the corners. Hauled wood on it last week and didnt loose any of it!!! I may see about adding a rounded roof to it. I sold my horse trailer several years ago as I wasnt using it, but the flat bed could haul small stock with a roof on it!
Good job, Danny!
Danny nice job, you might want to consider a wind block on the front.
nice save ya alot of money and frankie should has some sunglasses lol
Thank you for this! Great job! So timely for us!
Great building. Once it's done, it should last for years.
Great way to transport animals.Good job on the cattle panels,and all.Still sad for Frankie.I knew when I saw the guy's blue apron he was going to be going to freezer camp.Take care.♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡.........
That worked out great.
Amazing...Danny, you're great at figuring out problems. God bless!
Using what you have.
Clever idea Danny for your trailer and it looks sturdy too!
I like that. Good for pickups too.
Great Idea Danny!!!

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