JADE HARVESTER GR100+ V2.0 in-depth Witch Doctor GUIDE \ BUILD for Diablo 3

JADE HARVESTER GR100+ V2.0 in-depth Witch Doctor GUIDE \ BUILD for Diablo 3

The three set ups is great. I just started playing jade and the beginners is working good for me. thanks!!
Dude i wish i would of ran across this sooner..Aug half of my helltooth before seeing this...Jade beginner/mid setup is nasty and can get use to endgame..
This is the by far, hands down the best build I have tried. Thank you so much! I've had a hard time choosing WD builds and was ready to quit it until I saw yours and it was fcking awesome. Thank you!!!
This was the best jade harvester video i have seen thank you !
Does harvest proc area damage? I was under the impression that it didn't, May need to re roll a few pieces of gear. Clearing 91 on my had with no area dam
nice SoM soundtrack :)
doesnt mandal heal of wizard destroy the purpose of jafe with its big damage
Isnt using in geom for locaust swarm in cube better or furnace
has Jade been tested with maximum attack speed setup to benefit more from 2p. could be fun to try with haunting girdle rush of essence passive and PE gem. your 6p bonus will always be up due to the insane amount of casts however u will need a tankier setup
no game play?
This might be a dumb question, why are u using stacking poison on the bracers and why are we waiting on the poison CoE proc? Haunt is cold, soul harvest is cold too even though it gets all runes. So the only skill that uses poison damage is locust swarm. But then we're stacking haunt damage on shoulders... I'm confused why not cold skills on bracers and wait for cold proc on the CoE?
единственный и любимый билд у вд
Is this build good for 4 man party?
My preferred setup for WD, a glass cannon but very powerful. In this patch I haven't chance to play jade yet but in 2.4.2 I had to change some things, instead endless walk--- coe's ring and neck hellfire amulet with swampland attunement or another. I think coe ring is essential for pushing high rift, no matter how well you do it if you will not be able to stand still nor two seconds without move to activate the bonus set (endless walk). I must give a chance with endless walk and my old config even with this new %&$&%& GR design.

Anyway today was not bad thing, from five dungeons I had to restart one of them... too many juggernauts, the other four gets lv 86 and 3 lv 87 completed. It was very useful to improve gems, always with hammerdin, terribly op. Thanks for the raiment of the jade harvester update and apologize me by my negative point of view about the new gr configuration.
Hope you had a good New Year's Eve, cheers for the video mate 👊
dude , im playing my witch doctor for weeks now ( with my missues on a Barb ) doing T13 like nothing and GR at 78 , but can find a second RING OF ROYAL GRANDEUR - we spend all Blood shards and upgrade`s on rings - got like 3k of them and still no RoRG :( is there any place where they are mor common to get ??? Thanks !!! keep up a good work !
First ;D

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