Diablo 3 Witch Doctor Jade Harvester Soul Harvest Patch 2.4.2 Build

Diablo 3 Witch Doctor Jade Harvester Soul Harvest Patch 2.4.2 Build

14000m crit damage on my WD I was like wtf
did u say use a scoundral?? i think thats the 1st time iv ever herd that lmao gg ty for vid,
I'm new on witch doctor. When to cast locust swarm ?
I read some WD build article, said that locust swarm should not be cast frequently but haunt.
Did u skipped the defense and utility for paragon points ? Can someone tell what to put there ?
Hi, I've just recently started playing this build, I'm still bit unsure how to play it.
Should I spam my Locust more or Haunt ?? Sine I saw almost all the build uses Locust on the Left Click which is also your Movement button, I'm thinking you spam Locust more ??
I've tried that I always ending up with not enough Mana, since Locust and Pirahna takes up alot of Mana.
Thang, How fabulous are you?
No problem dude. Mojo can roll range reduction also, but u give up area reduction,cool down,and or resource cost. Depending on ur build.
Why do you need so much huant damage ? The main damage cimes from soul harvest anyway
My biggest hit with this build was over 1 billion!(although it was only on torment 8)(my paragon lvl is 258)
works in lower grifts not so good in higher gr. and If u say it does pls make another vid. gr 80 and up season 7 .
i look forward to it. Nice vid anyway. gj.
With ancient gears and augments, u should see 65-100 million armor boost (I could be wrong) Paragon points of 1,000 or above should see boost in armor (my calculations my be OFF) paragons may vary.
String of ears & Aquila cuirass with range reduction keeps me alive. Aquila gives me 50% damage reduction while above 90% health not including compas & travelers combo which is another 50% DR . So a total of 100% & 6% bracer DR & 14% range (vest & bracer) 30% Melee reduction (string of ears belt ) Grand total of 150%. Damage reduction from all sources. (Rings & Amy's can roll Melee and range and or both)
Thxs again, then u need to get range reduction on vest (Jade vest) & lakumbras ornament (bracers) element , INT , range , critical hit chance. This will give u 14% damage reduction from range attacks. U can never have enough DR for JADE. MAX range -7% damage reduction from each vest & bracers will give u 14% DR range if u get lucky rolls.
Perhapps low gr as the one u did. . Over 80 the suck..
Thxs for replying back, much appreciated .
I believe Crippling death caps at 5 minutes.
WD is totaly crap now:=(
String of ears for 30% damage reduction on belt instead of haunting girdle/fettish belt. The 30% reduction makes a difference with JADE.
Cat in cube with vile hive works great with ROE, 6 piece Jade works great with quezzocotl mask coming together to form in unison a DPS build.
As I mentioned were not using hellfire ammy or unity ring or even convention of elements. What we're trying to do is BUFF armor & keep our damage while not giving up damage. I use COE if I don't have ROE because of element damage u get (poison or cold ) AGAIN this is just a thought.

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