Diablo 3 - Witch Doctor Jade Harvester Build (RoS Patch 2.0.6)

Diablo 3 - Witch Doctor Jade Harvester Build (RoS Patch 2.0.6)

How you have three zombie dogs? sorry for the answer in 4 years ago and sorry for my english i speak spanish
OK ii OK ahah ting tank walla walla bing bang(witchdocter)
Just put this build together on ps4 and it's amazing easily running torment 4. Just curious what weapon and off hand are you using? I went with a 20% cold skill utars roar and uhkapian serpent for damage mitigation
you forgot to mention that strongarm bracer is really useful with Jade set.
Notice there is not monk build cause monk is peasant tier. 
Hi there, im farming the set with my witch doctor after playing until paragon 300 with only crusader, and there is something i dont understand about the build, so here i go  with the quick question:

If you are doing the whole dmg from DOTs when harvesting, why does it increase the dmg that helmet ? if you are just taking away all the dots in 1 hit

Well just that question, and thanks for the build explanation :D
Great guide, just got my final piece of the jade set so i'm gonna try this soon:) I also agree with Taylor about the vid, it's really good!
Nice build on WD man, I see you killing those monsters pretty quick and easily. But your Paragon level it doesn't really impress with your WD skills man. So what happen there man? Slacking off? :)
Just have to say, thank you so much for such informative videos. You describe the build, what you need to get it to work efficiently, and to make things even better, you're very easy to listen to. I really feel like your videos are underappreciated and that you deserve a heck of a lot more subscribers. Keep doing what you're doing, because you're so good at it!
Get straight to the gameplay:

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