Diablo 3 WD Jade Harvester Solo GR Build 2.6.1

Diablo 3 WD Jade Harvester Solo GR Build 2.6.1

BOOOOOOMMM.....HAHAHA....I am not fan of WD but because of this video I will play this set in Seasson 16....great job man....BOOOOMMMM....😂
Does the guide work for season 15
i wonder the number of hours played to get this build so optimized
"it feels like jade harvest from years and years ago" sorry when was that?:)
Use homuchulus and out sacrifice with 20% + damage with every dog you sacrifice for 5 sec. With 4-5 dog sacrificed you will have 100% + damage which would be like 10m.
at 4:13 you say Cloud of Insects rune is poison as well? It says physical. I'm wondering if I should stick to a poison rune or Cloud of Insects. Thanks
Funny how i have the same gear as you (All Ancient same stuff) but only do 1,190,000 damage having 27,6 K toughness while you do 2,490,000 damage 41,4 k toughness... i am at Para 720 while you claim in the video you are about 800 with most of your para not spend. I guess the big difference is i took the first ancients i got while you have rerolled many times and have very sick gear !. Also you have 3000 more intelli than me ;)
Wormwood fixes all your mana problems so you can put another rune on spirit walk for more survivability or speed. Could even get rid of locust swarm in your ability bar entirely.
Is there a way to play this with cold runes? :)
can this dude be more annoying?
hey Anthony, I complete the have the Jade Harvester set; now how I get the rest of the itens you mention ? i m new in the game. thx
worse build in the game .
Drinking game phrase: "Ok guys!"
HAWAII is in da house, old jade is back😔😬😬😬
I'm an on-and-off Diablo player, so perhaps I missed an event or something, but... WTF is that giant goat demon at 8:36?!?!
With the given H Gifts... what class has the strongest start for speed farming t13 and high grs? Im torn between WD Jade Harvest and DH Shadow impale set
I think I'm gonna play this in season 13. Looks super fun. What's that song in your head that you keep humming haha?
Thinking about making the conversion to Jade from Helltooth Garg. I've been playing HT Garg forever now lol. What's y'alls preference?
did they nerf this ? i dont get it, why is this build not even on the first 500 top leaderboard players?
I miss the poison dart builds, very nice, very nice :D

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