How come mine wasn’t jade harvester that week? It was a different build
I understand that you’re busy with work a lot, YouTube and over all life in general but do you ever think about streaming so people can watch your gameplay while you go through your season? Btw I appreciate the challenge rift guides. Just started running them because of your vids
Thanks a lot for this guide, I would have never understood this. I’m very new to Diablo and you have been a great content creator to follow. Thanks again.
cheers dude just a tip in return - Quetzalcoatl is much easier to pronounce than it looks. KET-sa-KO-A-til
How do you get that timer to show.
Hey Bannik. Love the vids mate, very helpful. A bit random, but, Could you maybe do a quick vid 1 day showing us your tattoo sleeve? Want some inspiration for mine lol
I always wait for your guides to try challenge, they help a lot, amazing work bro!
Hello there ! Why don't you film in 21:9 too ? :) Nice work ! Keep it up !
Easiest one in a while :)
Love your challenge rift vids!
Ahh, the good old multi-day hangovers.  Getting older is grand.  At 45, I can be wrecked for days after a bender. Nice easy rift this time though, which is nice.  Cheers, Bannik.
I agree, love the shirt!
Thanks for another seasonal video Ban. This build is a lot better then last weeks monk. I was actually getting through this one a little slow initially. The two key combo and elites and dense mobs while moving through the levels should do the trick. I like the comments about work etc which is a problem I have as well. Another great job mate and keep it up if you can. :-)
thanks man! been waiting for your guide before i do the challenge.
Great guide! Incidentally, I finally figured out how to properly use my ps4 teleport without having to go back to town btw....and not a conquest this season! Lol! Keep on rocking dude!
Nice shirt! Thanks for the guide. I will do the challenge tomorrow

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