Destiny: The Absolute BEST Exotic Engram Farm Still Working!

Destiny: The Absolute BEST Exotic Engram Farm Still Working!

I don't have rise of iron.
0:49 promoting suicide
I play on ps3. Can anyone confirm if the black garden method still works? I know Draksis and other bosses are long patched now
i am following you on Twitter and Twitch too now!!
Are you still helping with exotics in D1 Rifle? I need some help with getting them in this game!! My gt is Moraktion on ps4.
Wana play on PS4 any one psn isTru3One
Thanks for the help this helped alot
Is the a certain time you use your three of coins ? And is there any Xbox 1 players out there that will help me ?
Destiny 1 is almost dead help us bring it back
+Ben laser because of the swearing... Yeah Ikr... 15....
+Ben laser my parents took away the game... #RIP
Hi Rifle how I get all my xotics is sorsce of winter I got a jear 2 sniper
can u help me do runs?
Thanks it worked out great
Did 14 in a row . Not one exotic . Just my luck
Do you use a three of coins for every boss in Black garden?
Do u need 3oC
you sound like Garfield ;)
Guy please help tho
I dont want to waste my shit
Is it still working??
Or do you guys have a better method today?

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