Destiny: Legendary Engram Farming - “How to Get Legendary Engrams” - How to farm Legendary Engrams

Destiny: Legendary Engram Farming - “How to Get Legendary Engrams” - How to farm Legendary Engrams

Good strategy... only for those who have the DLCs though...
What if you don't have gold or the taken king like ME
You're the best thanks.
Tbh I just finished the main story and I love getting the blue engrams
I'm finding out that the only way to get past low 200's is with friends which sucks if you have none. Also doesnt help to be playing the game years after it came out cause it takes like 10 minutes for the game to round up enough people to do one crucible match.
I'm on ps3 and I'm lvl 40 326light and all the legendary engrams I get are always below 310light
Oh my god thank you so much!!! I have the monte carlo you earned my subscriber
I got a exotic from a rare
+1 sub
Whenever i get legendarys i delete them so i can get dead orbit armor and wep☺☺🎮🎮
I don't ever get shit 😂😂
Guys it really works, I got a legendary from it!
I have never seen a legendary drop in Court of Oryx.
lol the engram thing with blue I just spam them and it seems to affect my RNG and give legendaries more often
I always get legendary on first strike and then don't get one with the buff lel
does this work for the ps3 version to?
im lvl 19 and ik that you need to be lvl 20 to get legendary engrams, but for some reason the game isnt letting me do my next quest and idk what to do :/ (ive tried restarting the game too, still no luck)
in 2 days ive gotten 2 exotics bones of eao and the new heavy machine gun
How do you get so many items from the court of oryx? I only get two rare engrams when I summon, and nothing when someone else summons😒

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