Destiny: How To Get Easy Legendary Gear In 2017! (Legendary Weapon Farming)

Destiny: How To Get Easy Legendary Gear In 2017! (Legendary Weapon Farming)

Don't forget guys. I'm doing a flawless Trials of Osiris giveaway! I still have two more carries to give away so be sure and enter! Click the card in the outro to go to the giveaway video!
On destiny 2 how do I get my modifications and be able to use them I sure hope someone will help me on the three questions I’ve asked
You’re discussing about him dust in the wind not destiny two is that correct because I’m asking how to get my equipment out of destiny two witches in some kind of a safe looks like
I’ve got a lot I am grams but they’re in a section but they’re not available to me why is that do you have do you go from on destiny to back into destiny one with the same characters how do I get my equipment from my Anagrammes that are just stored there and either out of my reach please somebody help
this game sucks when you dont buy anything
I don’t have friends, that’s why I gave up on D1
I don’t have any dlcs.
Darn, it just turned 2018
Is that public even for an engram thing just on xbox cause I'm on PS3 and the most i've ever gotten for a public event is a couple motes of light.
Got a legendary primary engrams and got a damn no land beyond from it... made me so mad cause i really want the zalho supercell
yo can you do a video on how to get legendary's without dlc
Are you still playing this game? I just got The Collection edition for PS4 along with a Hunter Boost Pack and I am light level 299 (I think) and would like hep to farm stuff. My gt is Moraktion
I have a problem. I have exotic shards to unlock exotic gear like the "mask of third man"but each time I select an item, it says discovery required.
How do I discover them?
When you have a 30 second ad you can't skip
thanks dude you help
Fuccccc dat
say that i don't own rise of iron can i get rise of iron stuff from those engrams cause when i do bounties for crucible i get rise of iron stuff
Im vanilla, how do i get past lvl 34 and how do i get legendaries?
thanks for the tips, I subscribed.
I'm level 34 because it won't let me level up more, and my light is only 162. when I pick up exotics and legendary it says they're coded engrams. why is that?

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