Destiny Glitch - Fast XP Farm - Unlimited Thrall

Destiny Glitch - Fast XP Farm - Unlimited Thrall

Thanks! I'l be sure to try this glitch!
I did it right now it's not patched
I guess it's patched
It does I will not work with my hunter
You copied DPJ Daily destiny
+Luis Islas do u have the taken king
It works but I get slow xp
does it still work?
Dos it still work after the April update?
Didn't work for me went to the place where the thing was supposed to spawn an nothing appeared? Has the glitch been patched??
This doesnt work nothing spawned in for me
i tried that but i cant get passed lv 34 on my hunter. can you help me
Its 10x faster to start up the dark beyond. Get to the part where the ghost says you've woken the hive. Then slay all the thrall and wipe. Rinse repeat. You'll level up sooo much faster this should be called "insanely slow XP farm". Plus you don't stand in 1 place bored out your mind shooting a blinking thrall.
Gratz on 500 subs!

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