Clark Harris Womens Jersey  Destiny 2: The Most Effective Ways To Farm Faction Tokens! (Faction Rally Farming)

Destiny 2: The Most Effective Ways To Farm Faction Tokens! (Faction Rally Farming)

How do I get gear if I’m not even leveled up in my faction at all?
This been fixed?
Just got my Sweet Business Catalyst last minute
10 hours to get a warlock bond and hunter helmet and then finish the challenges on them. Yay. Over 1,000 tokens and not a single warlock bond.
I am always at nexus, where the exodus ki is locates, do the public events there while I have a patrol active, if I'm lucky there is a major boss captain running around which I can kill or I do a second patrol to get 5 points on fraction renown, than go down the lost sector which is located there, kill the captain, take the loot chest, than repeat the process.
I got 41 tokens from a doing a full renown lost sector, completing the milestone, was using one of those shells that give you the chance of increased consumables, anyone know if that's why I got so much extra?
Just subbed, keep up the amazing work ^__^
sadly not the same for PC :(
This method isn't super reliable on pc. The population doesn't seem there for me. I've only had a couple times where I was able to find another instance where people were doing it. Most of the time I get into an instance that no one started the event fast enough so it never happened...
Nice, works almost every try.
I’ve been trying this method for like an hour now and I’ve only got like 30 coins for it... idk I guess I have shitty luck because it doesn’t work for me like ever... the most I’ve chain is like 2 but other than that it’s not really working for me
This does not work 😂
What's the scout rifle he's using? Much appreciated if anyone answers.
All I want to know was what that armor was in the thumbnail
anyone know what titan armour that is in the thumbnail? i would love to know.
I like having a lot of unnecessary cushion so I like to run crimson as well as Karnstein grasps for warlock
Great info but this is such a hit and miss process it's not worth it.
I like to do 2 heroic public events then a lost sector. This combo gives you 1 level each time so you only have to do it 50 times. I run warlocks most on the time and find the devour with the riskrunner is broken as long as you keep the timer going. Also the gauntlets for the Warlock which gives you a second melee is helpful.
Anyone know if I can still get dire promise? My friend keeps destroying me with it and I’m in dead orbit but have only gotten the same stupid linear fusion every time

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