Clark Harris Womens Jersey  Destiny 2. SAVE YOUR FACTION ARMOR! Season 3 Faction Rally Token Farming, Fast Renown & More!

Destiny 2. SAVE YOUR FACTION ARMOR! Season 3 Faction Rally Token Farming, Fast Renown & More!

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I pledged to NM because of the shaders lol
I chose FWC I wanted to do Dead Orbit but didn't like the way the armor looked. For a while I thought the renown was time based. I ran them by myself at 5x renown trying to rush through before "renown time ran out". It was great to learn the renown loss was based on death and not time. Can you still collect renown? Because as of today I completed public events and patrols with full gear and didn't receive renown.
Thanks nice help.
#made it to the end Dead orbit all the way Mesa
Pledged to new monarchy for it's warlock irnament. The best warlock ornament IMO
BTW I know my comment has a lot of spelling errors but I’m driving and using talk to text so sorry
I’ve been future war cult since day one of D1 and as much as I love the graviton Lance and wanted it for the catalyst I couldn’t let one gun influence me to change my allegiance from the future war cult and I’m actually happy now that I’m finished with my farm because I think that the catalyst on the sun shot is going to affect that Waymore than the catalyst that you get from Dead orbit I will pledge dead orbit in the next rally to get the catalyst but I do not like it because I am 100% future war cult and I feel like bungees forcing my hand so I can compete in the game and have the catalyst for the meta
D.O. For life #madeittotheend
Here is a tip to grind faction rally tokens fast in season 3. Go to Titan and do the public event (using a full set armor). Then go and do the lost sector called Cargo Bay 3 on The Rig. This is maybe the smallest lost sector in the game and will take you solo with 5 renown about 90 seconds to solo. To do so you immediately shoot the exploding barrel in the front. Clear the mobs in the front of those who did not die from the explosion (might be one or two that survive). By now the boss should walk into the center corridor and you pull out your sniper rifle and just stagger him with headshots to he dies. Now if you're not a total noob you can just run in and loot the chest and teleport out to the next public event. This allows you to chain public event + cargo bay 3 until you puke. This method managed me to grind 2000 tokens by Friday night (about 15 - 17 hours of gameplay in total during 3 days).
#MadeItToTheEnd I went with FWC because I liked the shader for Warmind. That blue looks amazing.
I went for FWC, I want that soon shot, and I had all the armor for this faction all ready.
#madeittilltheend. Dead Orbit all the way baby, gonna see if the bookies will take a bet 😀
Future War Cult, because of the side arm !!
Go to the EDZ with full faction armor and fast travel to a public event. Completing the heroic event gives you 4 renown, then just do one patrol in the area and you're good to go. Rinse and repeat.
how to get the gearset?
all my characters get pledged to new monarchy no matter what cause I don't really like the other 2 factions

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