Destiny 2 - Resonate Stem Farm/EASIEST Method! (Sleeper Simulant Quest)

Destiny 2 - Resonate Stem Farm/EASIEST Method! (Sleeper Simulant Quest)

daddy got strats
Found out what happened, all I had to do was insert the diary for nascent dawn 1/5
I'm not getting any stems
I've been doing lost sectors and did like 6 and didnt get a single stem
no need to clear out that trash after getting the stem. just let them kill you (best to leave thralls alive) right next to chest and it'll spawn you right at the bottom of the large staircase. run up, reset etc. best to walk out of the entrance to the lost sector to ensure a reset instead of turning around as the text appears.
What shotgun were u using?
What shotgun is he using?
Im only 344 so thia is gonna be a problem
This doesn't work as well anymore due to the boss being wanted in forsaken so the health has been buffed
Idk but i get nothing when I do this💔
Idk but i get nothing when I do this💔
Yeah...this is NOT the fastest method.

Go to the lost sector Ma'daim subterranian thingy. Jump on the stone bridge to skip to the boss. Can literally run the whole sector in about 2 mins.

By the time you even got to the boss in that sector I would have already completed the other one.
Nup no way! Doing the Patrols i have gotten 1 a minute and its alot easier than the Sector..
They ABSOLUTELY need to buff the drop rates of those fkn stems. There's no way I'm gonna do this shit for hours on end, I left that sort of grind behind in D1...
as of forsaken the boss at the end of this is a wanted target meaning he is alot tougher
I have done over 3 days of public events, high value targets, etc. with the "Nodes and Protocols" quest active and i have yet to acquire a SINGLE ONE of these things. it's probably because I used the level up thing for my character so I could start Forsaken.
Sleeper nodes aren’t dropping for me
Thank you
My man activate your windows xD

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