Destiny 2 - Resonate Stem Farm/EASIEST Method! (Sleeper Simulant Quest)

Destiny 2 - Resonate Stem Farm/EASIEST Method! (Sleeper Simulant Quest)

daddy got strats
I prefer Ma'Adim Subterrane, it take about 1:10 from Glacial Drift and back.
Yo you are actually a life saver my guy
I say LFG. A Mars patrol fireteam of 3 should do great as when one member completes a patrol, everyone reaps the rewards. One player for Braytech patrols, another in Drift, and one rotating between the two assassination patrol kill sites.
It’s not fucking dropping resonate stems
I just did this twice and didn't get a resonance stem
Thanks this really helped me. I struggled to find the resonate stems for a while until i stumbled upon this method, I had no problem.
Fuck yeah I got it first try. Thanks man
Fridged Jackal here I come!
Still working 6-16. Thanks keep up the good work
Escalation protocol really works too
mine have stopped dropping! how do i fix this?
#activate windows
Thanks for this, dude!
What sparrow is that?
I have enough to craft an override and i can’t craft one even though I don’t have one right now
As some have figured out, there are 2 lost sectors, not 1
They don’t drop for could someone tell me why
Are you streaming still? I know destiny 2 is getting dry and you are like a PRIME speedrunner, What are you doing now that there is basiclly nothing to do?

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