Destiny 2 - INSANE LOOT CAVE CHEST Farm GLITCH! XP, Legendary Engrams, Bright Engrams & Tokens

Destiny 2 - INSANE LOOT CAVE CHEST Farm GLITCH! XP, Legendary Engrams, Bright Engrams & Tokens

I forgot to mention you gain XP = Bright Engrams!! <3 Enjoy!
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Destiny 2 cups
i just go back and forth farming the public events on titan, works great for me
Why the fuck you lying
why the duck you lying
I love your videos bro, of all i see of people do of destiny, your are the better
There’s literally nothing to patch. It’s literally just chests spawning and despawning. They’re on timers. Not saying it’s not effective for looting but it’s not a glitch. It’s the game
Does it still work?
This definitely works.. it's up to you to decide if it's worth it or not. Thanks!
Is it patched?!
My nigga I’ve been at this shit for about 3 or 2 hours and I’ve gotten nonthing but bull fuck tokens and blues and like 3 legendarys bullshit.
Helpful vid
Just so you know there's a lost sector in the edz that connects The Gulch and winding Cove if you go into it shoot all the supplies for the faction turn around go out come back in all the supplies respawn instantly
funniest accent in the world
lmao they already patched this you can go in there grab the chest without killing anything come back and still need to wait for the respawn timer
Stop showing so much legendary engrams on thumbnail you don't get shit. Just Play the Game like a normal Person jesus Christ. Legendary engrams ain't doin shit if you are past 265. I am 298 and I get 288 out of legendaries which is not helpful in any way. Not wasting my time with being to stupid to play the game normally.

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