Destiny 2 How to FARM EXOTIC ENGRAMS - How to get Exotic Engrams Fast and Easy

Destiny 2 How to FARM EXOTIC ENGRAMS - How to get Exotic Engrams Fast and Easy

I didnt know Danny Tamberelli from GTA5 made Destiny 2 videos
Great, short and sweet. Subscribed.
I have an exotic engram level 20 but I don't know how to open it help???
do public events is your secret? not legit
I did Heroic Public Events for a straight 2 Hours in a row and got a single Exotic Engram at the end of it.
I can't get exotic engram XD
Iv Never got an exotic on the public events
It's not public events it's heroic events
It's power level...not light...
the only problem i have with this is that its very very time consuming unless your lucky enough to get it on one of your first few tries. i have been doing this for over and hour (not counting the in between time) and still havent even got a legendary engram. so if you do this just be prepared to be dissapointed
Lol its a 1% chance gl
I wish I had money to buy this ;-;
Thanks dude
Either my game is bugged or im the most unlucky person alive because I've done about 50 public events and haven't gotten an engram once. Is there something im missing?
You sound like Michael's kid in Gta
Can it drop from non-heroic ?
i was doing a heroic event whilst listening to this, and as soon as you said “exotic engram”, one dropped for me.
How do you get 9 people at public event
12 destiny vids in a row...W O A H

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