Clark Harris Womens Jersey  Destiny 2 - FASTEST WAY TO GET "RADIOLARIAN CULTURE" - Grind FARM SPOT - Weapon Verse Farm Location

Destiny 2 - FASTEST WAY TO GET "RADIOLARIAN CULTURE" - Grind FARM SPOT - Weapon Verse Farm Location

Wtf!!! This whole time I thought it has to be on mercury!!!it way taking me forever
Dpj is my dad
i understood 25% of what you said.

the part where you said the name of radiolarian culture
Or you could grind strikes to get the upgraded versions in a lower amount of time
is this still working?
How do u get verse 2
Lol i got a full radiolaria culture from a normal event :D
You help a lot m8 because I want the sagiras shell like this comment if you want sagiras shell too
It's patched.
Wadiolawian cultuwe
His accent is cancerous
I like the starting area of the edz because of the chance of 9 (or possibly more) chests and its a small area
the funniest thing happened at this part 1:39 I went back into my game and I saw a chest and I am just like "ooohh a chest" I go up to it and open it then I instantly get 1 concentrated radiolarian out of it. lol
I was doing this farm and the first chest I got a legendary
This is probably the slowest way to grind!
hey,nice video,playing on PC here,chest respawns(sometimes,sometimes you see it afar but vanishes...puf glitch) but it never gives me culture,only tokens:( well il find another way...may the light be with you guardian!!!
I tried this method twice and it worked like a charm but the third time the enemies nor chest didn’t even spawn so I had to fast travel which fixed it but the chests stopped giving radiolarian cultures, someone please help me
Second time I tried it I got one of the blue ones 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼
Thanks man first chest I opened I got a blue

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