Clark Harris Womens Jersey  Destiny 2 | FAST FACTION TOKEN FARM! - Easy Rank 50 Farming Method & Renown Buff! (Season 3)

Destiny 2 | FAST FACTION TOKEN FARM! - Easy Rank 50 Farming Method & Renown Buff! (Season 3)

The changes to the rally are pretty neat. Especially the addition of the Ornaments and Catalysts! What do you guys think about the new rep system? :)
6-9 hours my ass, how bout 15-20
great video.

come check out the way i farm for tokens
I hope they buff the tokens you get for Re-Knowns. Personally, 10 for 5 Re-Known isn’t satisfactorily and I think it should be 5 tokens per Re-Known. So basically 25 Tokens for 5 Re-Known. I like the Re-Known system, but it takes forever and I have things to do.
If you go on nessus, and spam heroic events you'll get alot more than doing an event, then lost sector (use fast travel) i usually got around 120-150 an hour with a fire team
Do you get tokens in kost sectors witbiut rebound?
What handgun is that
This method is boo boo. My method takes the time of a public event and 35 seconds total after. Go to Nessus. Start the public event near Fail Safe. Make sure to have the full set of faction gear. (There is a lost sector literally 7 seconds away from most PE's on Nessus.) After completing the PE, go to the lost sector and rush it. Use super on code holder boss, grab loot chest, done. 8 faction coins in less than 35 seconds. This can be done with 4 of the PE's all over Nessus. Making it the fastest farming method i have personally found out. You should get over 30 ranks in under 2 hours. Maybe more if you can get a good PE spawn rate on your initial landing on Nessus.
I have a method that farms 40 tokens every 15 minutes (8 rank ups/hour) SOLO. Uploading it to my channel soon. <3
Why does you sometimes get a few extra tokens? Usually 1-2.
Rank 50 in 5~6 hours? I call shenanigans!
I use EDZ, just never go near the top left PE. It takes an age to get there and they are all tough b*****ds. Most of our work was done in Winding Cover, The Gulch and The Sludge. The Lost Sector between Winding Cover and The Gulch is the same one with two access tunnels and sits in the middle. I found it easy to do alone and POP with a mate. With the armour set you get 4 renown per PE and that'll give you 8 tokens. So you can do through the LS, kill the boss and onto the next PE on the other side. It you can grab a patrol while you do the public even better. I ended up zero to rank 18 in about 6½ hours and my eyes were loosing focus by the end with the constant light effects.
If any has another speed method please leave a comment.
The fastest way I found was Titan alternating public events with some hight value targets when around and the lost sector with the oger. Hit 50 in an afternoon. That lost sector takes no time to complete because you don't have to kill the adds just the oger and open the chest (it's just a big room so the oger can't hide), rinse and repeat. There was almost a public event started every time I finished no down time super fast.
You said it takes 9 hours when I usually only have time for 2 or 3 hours per 2 days a week.
I have been throwing the armor away for no reason then... Really hate the health regen system. Enemies rarely even drop the health lights.
If one of your teammate enters lost sector without renown he will take out all enemies at lesser strength. He can clear the area and then wait for you to open the chest at full rewards
I personally gave up on the rediculous grind for the faction rally. I know we said we wanted more of a grind in D2 again but come on Bungie be realistic please?. I work and have a family to look after, as i expect the majority of the community do too, so to expect us to put in a 23hr grind for a bloody catalyst is a joke 😡 Yes i did the number's on this as a solo player and they are - 15 tokens for a heroic event and a lost sector completion, this takes more like 20 minute's with travelling and the increased difficulty. So that's 45 tokens per hour and it takes 21 tokens per rank. That works out that it will take 1,050 tokens in total to reach rank 50 and get the catalyst.... 45 per hour x 23.333 hrs = 1,050. Ultimately i do not have the luxury of spending this amount of hrs on D2.... Life unfortunately doesn't stand still for a game, no matter how much I'd like it to😡😡 Cater for everybody please Bungie and not just the kids and youtubers who can put in the hour's!
There is a much easier way to get to rank 50 in factions than the time consuming rehashed farming plan that people keep bringing up. It is also much simpler. NO renown involved, and NO farming lost sectors in this strategy. So, here's what you do.

1. Farm heroic public events ONLY on EDZ since it is the best location for this farming strategy. (Forget about lost sector and the whole renown system completely)

2. As soon as you finish one, reload back into the same spot immediately to take advantage of others doing the same public event on a different server who may be finishing slower than you.

3. Once you get to the point where there aren't anymore events going on at that location, move on to the next.

4. Repeat the process until you hit rank 50.

P.S. keep in mind that you will keep being warned about losing renown, so always be ready to double tap the a or x button to load back in depending on what console your on. (Yes, I know it can get annoying at times. But it's worth the time)

This method is much faster and you can get at least 15 to 20 reputation tokens per location. If you can load into 4 events since they each give 5 tokens for each heroic completion and 4 for non heroic. The most I was able to get at one location was 20. You should be done within one day, two tops, depending on how much time you have to spend farming. Also if you are just beginning from 0 reputation. If not, it should only take you a few hours.
Thank you so much hopefully i reach level 50 before reset.
I am a but confused on your math? patrol missions only give you planetary coins not faction coins? also wouldn't it be every 5 coins to every 10-15 minuets? it took me about 3- 5 hours to get maybe 200 tokens, and i had a team?
He's wrong I don't have any armor from them I get 4 on strike and 1 on Patrol

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