Destiny 2 EXOTIC ENGRAM FARM! Exotic Engram Farming Fast!

Destiny 2 EXOTIC ENGRAM FARM! Exotic Engram Farming Fast!

It’s easier to do crucible quests for exotics
I rate it 8.9
His light power is 95
I just did a crucible quick play and got an exotic engram. Had no clue what is was so I opened it and got a gun called the sunshot. Is that any good
10000000000000000 10
I got an exotic at level 4 on my hunter from the crucible
Just do public events is all
8 or 9
Over 9,000
"I need them exoctics, been grinding that shit" lmfao
Infinit out of ten
I've done like 200 heroic events and the first 50 I got like 6 exotic engrams but for the last 100 nada
I'll give it a 4 and that's generous. The lack of content is brutal. Almost right after completing campaign the game is stale. There's only so much you can run around doing PE and the raid. I'm really hoping the expansion coming up will add some much needed new elements to the game. I would honestly rather go back to Rise of Iron
my ratio for exotics in public events is around every 50 i do, i get 1 exotic...
i got 7 exotic engrams in one day ,

got one from crucible match
two from strikes
one from completing campaign
three from public events
and one from a treasure map
WOW yet ANOTHER RETARD You Tuber that puts a 4 minute upload on...YET DON'T start the ACTUAL TUTORIAL TILL 2-33.. WHAT A COMPLETE PRAT ! YET ANOTHER DISLIKE...

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