Destiny 2 - EASY Exotic Engram Farm Tutorial (Simple Destiny 2 Farming Method)

Destiny 2 - EASY Exotic Engram Farm Tutorial (Simple Destiny 2 Farming Method)

It's fake because it switches from the warlock class to a titan
I did heroic pub events on a couple of occasions but never did it drop me an exotic engram. I've gotten exotic drops from eververse and etched engrams though.
is there some score thing for event loot? ive done like 20 heroic event n regardless of reg or hero, I get the same uninspiring blue garbage....exotics from butt
Ive found 2 exotics up to date with public events (Just normal), and none with heroic. Not saying is a bug or anything like that, just luck ( i did them both solo which makes me wonder)
I got a token :( but I'm sure I will get it soon
PUBLIC NOT PUB!! Just say public it’s not hard
You should have reinforced the statement this is not guaranteed for an exotic, i just got done doing 15 heroic events, only one exotic out of all of them.
Wow PS4 looks like shit, man am I glad I bought it for PC instead. I didn't think it would be that bad lol. Can't help it if the PS4 has outdated hardware though I guess.
"I'm gonna show you how to farm exotics easily... there are honestly no quick farms" what a useless pile of click bait
Thanks Captain Obvious!
A way to get a ton of exotics and legendaries is by getting aton of the Clear engrams
The fastest way I got my legendary engrams and Exotic engrams is to farm public events and use the Medallion from Eververse. That's how I got 5 legendary engrams and exotic engrams in just 4 public events in any planet. The most I got in one public event was 3 exotic engrams and 2 legendary engrams. That was on Titan and IO. So sub to me guys and ill make a video on how I did it. Thanks.
Yet another bs video, just trying to get views. Getting a random exotic drop is just that, random. These guys get an exotic and they think, “hey, this how you do it”. No it is just random.
lol I didn't even get any gear from the treasure no blues or exotics legendary or green
i have been playing destiny 2 and i ole og 6 egzotikus and i nomle play the game for 9h the she makes war if you don't get a egzotik in 24h playing the game you will  get a engram
Hey can anyone with good weapons help me complete the campaign quickly I'm new to the game and have done a few of the missions but rly want help
What's with all the exotic engram duplicates? I have like 4 exotics and every time I get an engram it only draws a duplicate of those 4? What gives bungie?!
thank you so so much
I like d2 about gall
Destiny 2 ps4

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