Destiny 2 - EASY Exotic Engram Farm Tutorial (Simple Destiny 2 Farming Method)

Destiny 2 - EASY Exotic Engram Farm Tutorial (Simple Destiny 2 Farming Method)

Ive found 2 exotics up to date with public events (Just normal), and none with heroic. Not saying is a bug or anything like that, just luck ( i did them both solo which makes me wonder)
I got a token :( but I'm sure I will get it soon
PUBLIC NOT PUB!! Just say public it’s not hard
You should have reinforced the statement this is not guaranteed for an exotic, i just got done doing 15 heroic events, only one exotic out of all of them.
Wow PS4 looks like shit, man am I glad I bought it for PC instead. I didn't think it would be that bad lol. Can't help it if the PS4 has outdated hardware though I guess.
"I'm gonna show you how to farm exotics easily... there are honestly no quick farms" what a useless pile of click bait
Thanks Captain Obvious!
A way to get a ton of exotics and legendaries is by getting aton of the Clear engrams
The fastest way I got my legendary engrams and Exotic engrams is to farm public events and use the Medallion from Eververse. That's how I got 5 legendary engrams and exotic engrams in just 4 public events in any planet. The most I got in one public event was 3 exotic engrams and 2 legendary engrams. That was on Titan and IO. So sub to me guys and ill make a video on how I did it. Thanks.
Yet another bs video, just trying to get views. Getting a random exotic drop is just that, random. These guys get an exotic and they think, “hey, this how you do it”. No it is just random.
lol I didn't even get any gear from the treasure no blues or exotics legendary or green
i have been playing destiny 2 and i ole og 6 egzotikus and i nomle play the game for 9h the she makes war if you don't get a egzotik in 24h playing the game you will  get a engram
Hey can anyone with good weapons help me complete the campaign quickly I'm new to the game and have done a few of the missions but rly want help
What's with all the exotic engram duplicates? I have like 4 exotics and every time I get an engram it only draws a duplicate of those 4? What gives bungie?!
thank you so so much
I like d2 about gall
Destiny 2 ps4
Pity everytime I go, on console, there's no-one around. I can just about do them heroic solo but it's far too intense for my liking >.< Hence me being here looking for another method :P

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