Destiny 2. EASY BRIGHT DUST! (Three Of Coins Confirmed Not Working, Farming Masterworks & More!)

Destiny 2. EASY BRIGHT DUST! (Three Of Coins Confirmed Not Working, Farming Masterworks & More!)

Destiny 2. BUNGIE REVEALS! All Masterwork Possible Stat Rolls, Masterwork Armor, New Mods & More! via @YouTube
for anyone who’s wondering: All Rare shaders will give you glimmer there may be a few legendary shaders that give you glimmer but most of the legendary shaders you have are from eververse and will give you bright dust.
Legendary ones give you bright dust
What is that thing between between vanvaurd rep tokens and nessus rep tokens
The PS4 strikes are definitely bugged. All I have ever played is the taken blight or the fallen thing on Nessus 😒
Three of coins work but it's different because the way it works best is you get a lot of legendary engrams while using it and it will give a lot more exotics. I got 30 legendary engrams and used them all quickly it gave me 10 exotics.
This is wrong. Shaders drop as often as ghosts, but shaders give ten bright dust per shader. Deleting Ghosts gives 1000 bright dust for 5 or 6. Shaders are a terrible and slow way  to get bright dust. Ghosts for the win.
That is one weird looking guardian man
7:10 YW ffs. ROFL breaking down shaders gives you bright dust...omfg...
After all that gibberish bullshit, there's no bright dust to be seen. Gotcha.
My sparrow is 160 spd and reloads my weapons as I ride it xD
Does sparrows and gosh are bright dust?
Bumbblebee shader gives you bright dust
I subscribed thanks for the video it was very good and helpful
Or trials is a relly good chance
It's real!!!
So what about the Bright Dust ? How do we spend it?
I need Clan....

Osiris Campen doesn’t give good rewards

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