DESTINY 2 | DOUBLE REWARDS PUBLIC EVENT TRICK! - Fast / Easy Exotic Engram & Flashpoint Farming!

DESTINY 2 | DOUBLE REWARDS PUBLIC EVENT TRICK! - Fast / Easy Exotic Engram & Flashpoint Farming!

I hope this helps you out! Particularly Solo players who are trying to level up right now :P
Wow this still works. Thanks for making my Grind much more efficient.
Done this for a couple of weeks actually. Both fast travel to same event when no other players are there and joining other unfinished ones. I got so fed up being alone in events as I usually play solo so I gave it a go and ever since I almost always find huge crowds of other players when traveling to same event. Got to wait until it has just started or else this doesn’t seem to work. I also usually mark the event on the map when traveling so destiny servers could possibly try to mach me with other people in ongoing events but it seem to work either way.

About the rupture; it’s 5-10 seconds of scooting over and I’ve had great luck getting three and sometimes four events in a row there 😉 Maybe it’s because some shoot down the tresher very fast and others ...dont.
Great video thanks
Does this still work? I can't seem to open the navigator fast enough after looting the chest.
Doesnt work for me
is this a glitch? don't get me wrong I like the method but I will not use it if its a glitch
I've tried this a bunch of times today and it kept spawning me into the same instance with the event completed
Houndish go to Exodus Black loot cave,
loot the chest in the cave,
then fast travel back to Exodus Black,
Rinse and repeat with fireteam medallion to maximise loot (entire area re-generates when you fast travel)
Crazy awesome, bout to try this out
Why each time I do it it doesn't reset for me any specific time
anybody know if i can infuse my legendary 265 grenade launcher to my 280 exotic grenade launcher?
How ba a a ad can I be at thus game :(
This is a exploit.
How does one open map quickly on ps4? What houndish said, "Back and Select" doesnt make sense to me. Thanks.
Well this is helpful thanks!

Just sub'd keep it up dude
i wonder if u n ur team could do the events together but not as a "striketeam"...
this is why we can't have nice things
Awesome video. Solo player with limited time, trying this right after work!! As far as legendary engrams, how did you get so many? Public events? Or do they just rack up over time?

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