Now that is service. At home in eastern nc, I would have to pick up sample boxes from ext. Service dig my own samples and drop them off and wait. Longer if it was for nematode assessment.
Why not order a test kit from lezada? NPK plus pH, calcium and maybe iron. Your close enough to the ocean that boron and other trace nutrients are likely not a problem. You may also wish to look at compost worms. The chickens will enjoy them, and protein is the most expensive part of the feed. You may also wish to try a rotaion of mung beans, adzuki or cowpeas (same genus) to boost the nitrogen. Mustard is popular now in the US for nematodes. Plow it under.
Good day sir Brian I like the view your place one day soon nice to your family just pass by then to Beth and Terence place Hill Top!! God bless
I guess the camera makes it look larger, but it looks like you have around 5 or 6 acres instead of 3 acres.
What is the cost of the soil testing?
You can give some stalks to the pigs
How many tons of gypsum per hectare do you think they will recommend,hope its cheap there.
and, stateside, when ext agents arrived for soil samples, they probably would have "checked the box" for a piggery runoff site check visit from environ control. it never ends stateside. one never knows, but those two on motorbike could be phd students. so different, in a good way. i'll be awaiting soil analysis report; interesting.
Did they note which samples cam from which location? They probably did but I didn't see it in the video.
BRIAN you did the right thing, and it is so god the Department of Agriculture, respond so fast, keep us informed of the results....
wow.. very nice place 😍
just realised I made a HUGE mistake in a past comment about Cobalt. I was WRONG it was Bauxite that does the magic for soil--sorry mate but I guess you knew that anyway. Thanks for not embarrassing me by commenting back. Honest mistake but I feel really stupid right now. !
Brian looks like there are so many armchair agricultural techs who shall be flying down to Bohol to help you take future samples ;-)
The DA also have compost accelerants. You ask them. It is mixed with water and sprayed on the compost. It shortens the time for compost to break down.
Your pig and chicken manure will build up the soil.
Is Minnie pregnant after all? She looks rounded you know dogs know when you’re talking about them.
I love and agree with everything you're doing I just think that backdrop it looks like a big pile of sand needs to go or you need to stop fighting it and wasting your time on it I would not build on it or drive on it but I don't know what I'm talking about but God bless you guys just from the video and what I've seen I really don't like that seeing back there peace
God bless you and your family and friends Florida Keys Mike
BRIAN Samples should be taken at at least 10 or 20 different spots in each field and if the P H is low in the soil we spread lime on the paddocks and then we plough it into the soil here in australia and rice growing in the same soil year after year sucks all the goodness and now the P H out of the ground and water laying on the ground for long periods of time leiches the nitrigon out of the ground to cprn likes boron and zinc in the soil as well mate
Amazing response from the D.A. ! Your Land looks really good !

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