far too fast and no captions!
🍂Sad to know these are gone. I love old historic structures! 🍁
🎃 🚂🚌🚌🚌🚌🚌🚌S4S👍😊Thumbs up as always!👍🎃
🎃🍂🍁🎃 Thanks for all your support, it is appreciated 👍👍🍁🎃😊
❤️🍁 I always return support to channels who support me! 💕🍂🍁🎃👍
Quelle tristesse !
My name is Conner Tong, My ancestors lived at Tong Castle at 0:52
Some of these homes were hardly lived in at all ,,,, a similar huge house was demolished in Scotland having stood for only 40 years and sitting empty for years when close by the poor were living in upturned fishing boats and freezing and starving ,,,, strange the respect they had for there so called betters ,,,, so sad ,,
This is very disturbing.... so many fine houses just gone, what a loss of cultural heritage. Thank you for sharing these beautiful images but it is such a shame these magnificent buildings no longer exist. The music is so befitting.
My ancestors lived in Odell castle at 2:00
Admire and appreciates your delicate ingenuity and elaborate edited, amazing architecture, enjoyed the enchanting music very much, dear friend, thanks for sharing, Have a wonderful day. ♥♥ ~ Maggie ~ ♥♥
oh, this is sad!
wonderful video
love holly xx
How so magnificent views!
Simply awesome!
Thank you so very much my dear friend for sharing all this harmony with us!
Madre mía! Me he quedado asombrada! Siobhan no te vas a creer el video que estoy preparando para tu cumpleaños !!!!! tenemos telepatía? :)))
aparte de eso me ha encantado tu video! son unas mansiones maravillosas y es un crimen que hayan sido demolidas!
Me gusta mucho mucho la música que has elegido! es perfecta para resaltar que unas casas tan majestuosas y bellas hayan sido destruidas!
Unas fotografías muy buenas y un video perfecto!
Muchas gracias y muchos besos
Dear Siobhan,
It is so sad to loose all these historic castles and buildings. Thank you for a wonderful share. Your friend always,
It was a magnificent architecture
Thank you very much for the photographs of the time. Alex

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