Dehyrated Apples From the Mormon cannery Taste Test

Dehyrated Apples From the Mormon cannery Taste Test

Good stuff
Not sure where the 10 year date came from, but according to the LDS order form, canned dehydrated apples have a shelf life of 30 years which would make these good until 2032.  If this can came out of a "starter kit" which is marked 10 years, the date applies to the flour that's included not to the other items.
Try rehydration to see if they taste like fresh apples. Blessings
Can anyone purchase items from the LDS food storage? Just wondering... my neighbor brought over some powdered milk last week and it was from the LDS food storage. I shoulda asked her the same question, but thought I'd ask it here in case others had the same question. By the way we ended up making 2 gallons of the milk without telling the kids.. They have no idea! haha! No complaints!
We were thinking of labeling "breast milk" on the jugs and see if they still drink it... bwaahahaha
"If i don't do any more videos....." Too funny!
thats pretty cool---------always wonderd about stuff with best used by thanks

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