Deer Farming New Zealand

Deer Farming New Zealand

Muito lindo Deus abençõe
oh deer
Porque le cortan sus cuernos que malos
If it's for meat this farm is the stupidity
the dog is that mans right hand
بہت خوب
why not show the slaughter?
u need 2 dogs
Getting very hungry just watching them
Why don't the government ban farming deer
If it's for slaughter, Shame on you guys SHAME...
Que perro tan mas chignon y trabajador es el que hase todo el trabajo pero que crueles pobres benaditos
So nice i would like to work there in New Zealand any kind of job i can managed for the best of my knowledge..Im here now in South Korea working for Industrials(CNC) after my working visa here i will see soon if i will diverts my plan to go in NEW ZEALAND if will permitted.
Nice work
Good video
Se serai trop domage dabatre ses si grand annimeaux il se comprene il ce parle antre eux ,moi je les pleind.
woe so good

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