Deer Farming New Zealand

Deer Farming New Zealand

Goed idee zou goed werken in de Oostvaarders plassen waar door slecht beheer de dieren sterven van de honger
From now on no more infidelity
never seen farming wild animals
why type of deer it was? why dont you rear a musk deer which is expensive gland for perfume maker its USD45k in 2pounds
Animal cruelty and animals is the best thing
best farm I like work ther
Why they have those tiny antlers? Do you manipulate their growth or the velvet phase ?
are those horns sellable?
here come the vegan nazis. hahaha.
why would you cut their racks off? they shed them eventually. does tagging hurt? yes, yes it does.
They are enclosed by wire fences,far from wild,but not domesticated like sheep and cattle.
Why are you would need this fucking vaccination and tagging they are all identical and healthy. Please die or re educate yourself. Sorry I would even eat them.
Human Race... SPREADING MISERY...???
Great setup and great video! Thanks for sharing!
Damm people do anything for money ,he take this cause he need to no feed them no care he only want money day people covering water and air this human kill everything slowly one day...
Unbelievable.... Humans are Fucked up EVIL, Selfish and RETARDs.
killer abuser!!
Stupid dog needs to be shot
Damn that dog worth the money

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