Deer Farming New Zealand

Deer Farming New Zealand

I’m Montagnard indigenous I saw deer in Central highland in forest they ran so fast.
नमस्ते दोस्त।👮👮👮👮
Super great job dog
@4.59 Must be a better way of doing that!
Is this profitable or done more as a hobby?

BOYS ?, amazing caw.
What breed of dog is it sir?
Inha. Daa goshat Khawaanday Huey maut payndi aye tuwaanun....
Mashaallah, Impressive & beautiful.
One large male deer was questioning the authority of the dog. 'Who are you to give us orders'?
Dog done a good job
All humans are Dogs
What they do with this innocent creatures? Indipendance needed for all animals. God bless animals
Good i have to work
Sir so qute I have to work here
Ma Sha Allah Nice Farm.Good Scientific Health Management.All the best

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