Deer Farming New Zealand

Deer Farming New Zealand

Not only great life but also a good business And hobby is well
Qe bueno
What's the need to interfere with the wild life? Plz. leave them alone.
Omg there is sooooo many deer
باي منطقه في العالم هذا المكان
باي منطقه في العالم هذا المكان
Criminal bastard!
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Very nice!
السلام عليكم ورحمة الله يوجد ماعز فرنساوي وشامى 01001907490
wahat aaaaa life
Behad khoobsurat beautiful piece full area deer farm in newziland
good one boss
Please full video bro
Bhoshdi vale madharchod inko dukh kyo de rha h bahan k londe inko chhod de jungle me kutte
what is the need of broking down the horns of deer.?

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