Death On A Factory Farm [HBO] (2009)

Death On A Factory Farm [HBO] (2009)

That son that slammed that piglet into the pole. I’ll fuck you up joe!! He obviously got enjoyment out of beating the pigs. I’m sorry that is sick. Pigs are intelligent animals, they don’t deserve to be treated this way
We all have a part in this horrible business. But we are not the ones mistreating these animals at the farms. These fucking ppl are fucked up. I live by Hatfield meatpacking outside of Philadelphia pa. I see the pigs in the trucks almost daily. So sad. I am not eating meat from a grocery store again. I will eat meat but only meat that is hunted.
I’m not a vegan, but those motherfuckers. Disgusting.
Human beings have NO right to dominate and control anyone, including any animals. Period!
HAHA no jail time!!!! Keep killin YEAH BABY!!!! LOVE IT FUCK YOU PETA
It's hard to watch this. I grew up in Wayne County and worked on some of the farms as a kid. Farmers won't just treat their livestock in a way that is not productive. It is their livelihood. For all the non-meat-eaters, you will never be happy with any way animals are killed. OK, I get that. But whenever a farmer loses an animal it is bad. What I saw that I didn't like were the small stalls they were kept in. Now I am no expert but why can't they have room to live somewhat normal? If the hog is there to reproduce and gives birth, let them have some kind of life. Free Range hogs have to better to market, I would think. I don't know this farmer and can't tell you what was going on in his mind when he had to put those hogs down. But I am sure it was not his first choice. He had to raise another hog to take the place of the one who was killed and that costs money. I searched these videos after seeing piglets being moved by truck at the fuel stop. I do feel for them when I make eye contact with them, they may not know what is happening to them but you can sense the fear. And yes I do eat Meat but not as much as i used to.
the defense team are just doing there job, even though when they get home they tell there family how horrible it is to of seen the video but i have a job to do. shocking them with powerful enough power is the best way. the judge is probably buddies with the animal killers. now that the court is over now they will really treat the animals like shit.
What people dont understand is even being vegan will have a egative effect on wildlife, what about all the chems used to farm spilling out into lakes and killing thousands of fish and other water life? Or the need for more land to grow more veggies displacing and killing wildlife ....I’m not saying what’s going on on the farms is right, it’s down right sickening, but when I see vegans try to take the moral high ground I just can’t help but think how ignorant they are about how much damage and death had to happen so they can grab that head of Petty’s at the supermarket....bottom line we are at the top of the food chain that isn’t somthing to be ashamed of, but the way we provide the food is
"livestock" vs. animal - the first step in justifying killing animals for food. Excuses to deflect from the horror are insane. The heartless, selfish position of these people. Weak men with weak constitutions. Weak-minded, weak-emotionally, weak-intentions, weak morals. Just disgusting. There is no good way to kill animals...anyone. Trying to define a humane method is impossible. The truth was shown and evil won.
That was deep but still not going vegan. The animals could and should be farmed more humanly after all they are giving up there lives might as well show some appreciation...but i guess thats not good for the bottom line. I would pay a littel extra for humainly farmed chicken,beef,pork. This video does make you think
Aww man thanks for that 11:00 ^_^ hahahahaha
The laws are weak b/c society relies on the conscious of men. Once he loses that he becomes no different than the unfeeling 'savage' beast in the wild.
Super messed up stuff. This is why I only eat free-range non factory farmed meat. It is worth every extra dollar to know that the animals at least had quality of life. I will ALWAYS avoid meat from factory farms from now on.
This is by my house. How have I never heard of it
" only way he makes a living " .... plenty of other non cruel jobs that makes you a living, you sick fuck!
It's a fucking pig get over it
The parallels between the Nazi holocaust and this treatment of beautiful animals is so clear. Mass graves, brutal treatment while laughing, treated like so much garbage.
The attorney for Ken Wiles with the 7 children really should have been educated in birth control rather than criminal law. LMAO!  Yet SERIOUSLY, the acts in this video should be ILLEGAL and the LAWS must be CHANGED. Apparently, slamming and hanging animals is not illegal in the state of OHIO. I guess they might do the same to humans in the state of Ohio. I see what the Amish people do to dogs in their puppy mills and it too should be ILLEGAL. Just goes to show that just because an act is "legal" does NOT make it just or ethical or moral. It's just poor laws that some law maker passed in a good ole boy club with GREED over true ETHICS.  I didn't think people have that many kids these days yet apparently he doesn't believe in birth control. Wow! Anyway, Factory Farmers are disgusting people to NOT see the problems in their behaviors to TORTURE ANIMALS. The courts need to address the meaning of TORTURE and that means the so called "law makers" yet very hard when THEY TOO are invested in Factory Farms & Pork Belly Stock! It's beyond disgusting and PATHETIC their methods of euthanasia. The so called expert is a FRAUD and it's ALL a CROCK! LIARS. If we don't beat and hang Dogs & Cats, puppies, kittens or HUMANS with this method of "euthanasia" then nor should it be for any animals. Why is it acceptable for pigs? Laws? What a CROCK!  We don't use this method of "euthanasia" by HANGING dogs & cats YET there are states that GAS ANIMALS! Yes GAS! Another LONG and PAINFUL VILE death. Just listen to the animals scream or howl or where cries of death by these methods of animal Ag laws of euthanasia and so called "pet" welfare laws.  Gassing animals is also done to PIGS and people need to see that HOLOCAUST to know their cries in suffering to death. There is way too much killing in the BLOOD MONEY Ag industries! Thank WISDOM for VEGANS! Shame on CARNIST!  h
Please world GO VEGAN! Stop the cruelty and start live with PEACE and LOVE! Animals are being living just like as us and no one have the right take they live away.As long people won't respect another live there won't be PEACE ON THE EARTH! As Leo Tolstoy said"AS LONG AS THERE ARE SLAUGHTERHAUSES THERE WILL BE BATTELFIELDS
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