DAIRY IS SCARY! The industry explained in 5 minutes

DAIRY IS SCARY! The industry explained in 5 minutes

Man are out here fisting cows on a zoo tube ting 😂😂😂😂😂
I just realized your last name is Janus. That is awesome.
This video made me vegan two years ago
My family has worked with diary farms for generations. My own father worked there as a child. i myself have gone there. I must say this: on all diary farms I've been to, this. is. not. true.
First of all, the calves are only taken away for a couple of hours for milking to be done. Then they are let out in the field with their mothers for the rest of the day. And on other farms in which the calves ARE taken for good, most mothers hardly even notice it much less cry about it. From what I heard, most the most they cry about it is a couple of hours at most.
Second, male claves are kept alive for a year or so before getting killed for veal, if they are. But those who are are usually the weaker ones. The stronger ones are sold to keep on reproducing.
Third, the milking on the video is done by some pretty bad farmers. I haven't seen such condition on ANY cow, ever. Not even a 10 year old cow at my grandfather's has it that bad.
Fourth, as far as I know, BY LAW, you're not allowed to take cows that cannot walk to the slaughterhouse. If they are that injured, they are put down and burned. But if they cannot walk, they are a risk to the people consuming the meat, so they cannot go there.
Fifth, as opposed to the common belief, the best meat industries will NOT kill a cow slowly. Why's that? It decreases meat quality. If a cow realizes it's dying and gets stressed, the meat will become a lot harder and have a terrible quality. The typical slaughter tactic is striking the cow at a specific location in the back of the head, killing them instantly.
Sorry, but this was way too much propaganda for me to handle. Your videos are most likely taken from farms that have been outlawed or shut down years ago, considering how many sanitary laws they violate.
Thanks for saying all these with a Happy face
Mmmmmm dairy based food products. I love cheese.
who gives a fuck though? I certainly don't
8.4k dislikes from dairy industry employees
I don't care, I'mma still drink it.
Oh shit girl u got guts saying the truth
what do they do with the bulls on no nut nov?
WTF is wrong with people, jesus, these poor animals. I'm fucking crying
Yup. I stopped drinking milk about 30 years ago.
I did learn some things in this video, but it won't change my habits, we do what we need to do to survive.
Bro im sick of those stupid ass vegans. Fuck y'all. If u vegan keep it for yourself and dont disgust the rest of the people
i dont care i can eat cereal :)
Oh well there’s already to much cows on this world
Well, even though this does happen, my great great grandparents never did this. Even though they weren't a company, they sold their milk to other people as well as drinking it themselves and giving some to their kids. They always naturally let their cows lactate and let the baby be fed whenever he/she needed.
I don't understand how anyone could watch this and be like "aahh whatever, dislike"
... yeah I'm still gonna drink milk. love the taste 👌

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