DAIRY IS SCARY! The industry explained in 5 minutes

DAIRY IS SCARY! The industry explained in 5 minutes

I was eating when i clicked on this and what im eating has milk in it!!!

Soy milk 😎
Still gonna use milk for my cereal, appreciate the education, not gonna change my ass. Thanks tho!
Wow...I recently turned vegetarian..now I am going vegan..thank you for the information.🌿
look at the dislikes on this video and the likes.
Some asshole put stickers all over Melbourne telling me to watch this shit video. Fuck you. I’m gonna buy extra milk and I’m not even gonna drink it I’ll pour it on the ground.
Thanks I was drinking milk.I grossed out and threw all of the milk in my cats bowl
Complete debunk of cowspiracy
Even if cows enjoyed happy lives in beautiful green fields and they were never abused, I would not drink milk anyway... simply because I am not a freaking calf!
Heh pussy vegans.
I woring engisth, sorry :) Shit and lying :-p You big kow.
This is so terrifying for the cows. 😣😭


Good video
This is reality we killing animals for meat yes and you killing veg, fruits, plants they are too alive :(
Omnivores eats meat, fruit, vegetables, etc. A carnivore eats meat herbivore eats herbs why should people have to become herbivores, why should we be special again why can't we be like animals at least in something we are omnivores we've always been why should we change? WHY? If it was so from the beginning of our civilization, why do we have to change! in the Middle Ages it was meat with gold now to throw ...

Please think about it
Now I want to be a vegan
We just don't need milk for calcium
welp ill stop drinking milk now. Humans are fucked up and only care about money.
Great video. Except for all the horrible images of suffering cows ofc.

It's crazy how you only get to know this, if you actively search for it.

I'm not a vegan, but after watching Earthlings I've had a wierd stomachache.
Got Milk? Guess what else you got, yuck.... Thank you so much for being so awesome Erin!!! Subscribing and following everywhere now, boo! Would love to eventually see you on VeganLinked.com!
I'm disgusted. I actually want your milk now lol I'm human

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