DAIRY IS SCARY! The industry explained in 5 minutes

DAIRY IS SCARY! The industry explained in 5 minutes

🥺🥺😭😭😢😢😢😢 accidentally started my day with this vid
I can still ear the cows agonising in pain while I eat my rare and bloody steak at lunch and have dairy ice cream for dessert after.

Well, if nothing this video made me laugh for almost 6 minutes, thanks.
PS: You're hot as fuck, good job.
guess how old humans are supposed to live? lmao
Got milk?
my cereal and oreos are too important to me to care about this.
How About if Human was in their shoes
I feel gay saying this, but everytime I see one of these videos that really hits a nerve, I feel like crying. A deep burst pain and empathy for these animals. I got this feeling from a video about the fur industry also. Good message here.
Nobody cares...
Got milk?
Cool, I'm the 8,800th dislike. I disliked it because this is fucking horrible.
Jesus that was hard to watch, I need a glass of milk.
One of the akward things in this video is you smileing!
Going vegan is like wearing fancy clothes. Not everybody can afford to eat healthy food that's also vegan. It's a noble goal, sure but like everybody should get well educated on all issues, people make their own priorities because nobody can do it all.

A lot of vegan food is just processed shite though, there's no reason to want to not hurt animals so much you harm yourself with non nutritious cardboard.
Excellent! I have shared this and will continue to share it. This is the information about dairy that truly needs to be out there since a lot of people don't realize how it all happens to bring dairy products to the table. Thank you for making such a great video!
aż się ciśnie na usta KURWA MAĆ :/
thank you SOOOOO much Erin for such an inspired, from the heart, impactful talk. It will help me greatly making people around me more aware.
90% of the comments are people saying they’re “vegan” now! Wow good for you. 99% of this is lies! Go to an agriculture class for 30 minutes and get back to me.
Ok I stopped drinking milk years ago but now cheese after watching that.
This made me cry like a baby and I’m not even embarrassed to admit it, this is horrible. So glad I’m vegan 🌾💚
I know the Liberal Teachers who have infested our schools over the last 40 years either didn't teach you or lied to you about nuts.
So as a fellow American it is incumbent on me to correct your education by informing you that nuts like Almonds, Macadamians and other nuts do not produce milk. Nor does Flax. Also, the concoctions that the ashholes make with them contain carrageenan gum and guar gum have been shown in studies (not listing, Google Search then) to be inflammatory substances to the human body and organs. Now that's what you want to be drinking! LOL..NOT!
And let's face it...vegans are mentally off the mark. Every real vegan I've met has been excessively skinny. Unhealthily skinny with health issues.
I do agree that cows are treated in a horrendous manner.
What needs to happen is... scienctists needs to sit down together and make artificial milk with natural organic plant based ingredients. If the MFers could make an atomic bomb back in what is now called the technological stone age.
Then, with the use of computers today they should be able to figure it out pretty focken quick...wouldn't you say!?
Have you ever thought that maybe God made you so outspoken on this topic that you're the one who is suppose to be the organizer to those in science and government to get artificial milk created!?...have you!!!???.
I'm in your corner! Now git'er done! 👍👍👍

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