Dairy Farming in the UK in the 1960's

Dairy Farming in the UK in the 1960's

I can’t drink milk now due to lactose and my IBS.
I live in London, United Kingdom and I am looking for work in agriculture or raising livestock. I do not know where to look. Please help if I can thank you. 😊
Sadly this is probably all houses now
Dairy farming is slavery and neglect. Disgusting industry.
Low rainfall? What about now
Omg there arnt any vegens
ici number 2? how poisonous would that be ?!
Hi Docken - I love your dairy farming from the 60's footage. Can you get in touch to discuss - you can reach me on lucy.hards@sidneystreet.tv
The red cows Ayrshire?
The jerseys look smaller than today.

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