[D3] GR Key 40+ Jade Harvester Trials Guide

[D3] GR Key 40+ Jade Harvester Trials Guide

bro can you do a video on follower gear? does it matter if you have leg gems in the followers jewelry
This is awesome, thank you
Great vid sir! Thank you !!
very helpful. I can get G-rift key 40 using this spec without having Wrath of the Bone King. I don't have taeguk leveled so I use Gogok of Swiftness which seems to work fairly well. I have found that if you use and Ess of Johan amulet on a Templar, he will help to consolidate a lot of the mobs when they are far apart.
very good videos keep it up mate.
Ah great just what i needed. I always ended up with lvl33 keystones with the normal build. Thanks for the guide!

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