Clark Harris Womens Jersey  How to Crop and Resize Videos | CyberLink PowerDirector 16

How to Crop and Resize Videos | CyberLink PowerDirector 16

dose powerdirector 17 has 9:16 aspect?
Hello. I have the Powerdirector 16 and cannot find a way to copy the crop on 1 clip and paste it on the next. I want the exact same crop, because there is a little logo and i cannot manually crop so precisely to match the position of the logo 100% from clip to clip. I just want to crop 1st clip and copy and apply this crop on all the clips on the timeline. How to do that? I wasted like 15 minutes searching Power Tools PiP designers, Copy attributes/Paste attributes - cannot do what I need.
Can you tell me how to change aspect ratio of video from 9:16 to 16:9?
I did this and got a pixelated mess.
Great tutorial!!!!
This guy's not full of crop. He's the real deal folks!
Thank you Power Director Tutorials!
Is there an easy way to do this to a video before importing it into the multicam designer?
is it possible to to start your video with a narrow view then get it open up to full aspect ? hope you know what i mean ?like a very narrow letterbox and then the black bars top and bottom move out revealing the full aspect of the video
How do you do this if you freeze frame or use an image?
you are the only PowerDirector tutorial channel, and I appreciate that. You helped me with framing green screen footage. Thanks!
He looks like B.E.T Tiger from the RapCity Basement😀😃
😁 😄
Great info tho🖒
Your such a lifesaver sometimes man. Thank you. Your videos always have a great vibe too. I needed this because I'm editing my Trailer video for my first Windows PC game release on Steam and my OBS screen capture partially recorded my task bar on all my Look for (Why Chicken? Why?) hopefully sometime around Feb 2019 on Steam (hopefully). Think *ogger but with a chicken, and no I haven't played that crossy game only watched a few videos. Pretty sure I started developing this game before I ever saw it but I got no beef. Peace man.
How to change aspect ratio of video from 9:16 to 1:1? thanks.
Hey man, you nailed it with this quick tutorial, it immediately resolve what I needed right away. I am working on a video clip of video game need for speed footage that I am editing right now
Why anyone would THUMB DOWN this video is beyond me... maybe on crack? Nicely done.

Any chance of doing the same video but with the different shapes and how to deal with the black space?
Hi Maliek, I tried this with a cell phone video because they are so narrow. Even following these steps they just will not expand out to fill the screen. Is there a specific technique necessary to expand those narrow videos from cell phones?
Hiya Maliek, love the vids, im trying to make a promo vid for my facebook page, they want 820x462 pixels, i cant see that in the produce part can you help?
New subscriber here! Great video! I learn a lot from you brother! Thanks for your expertise on Power Commander. It is becoming my favorite video editor! 😀👌👍👍👍
Please, how to crop a video so it shows only me talking and reviewing a game video. I wonder how? Thanks

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