How to Crop and Resize Videos | CyberLink PowerDirector 16

How to Crop and Resize Videos | CyberLink PowerDirector 16

Your such a lifesaver sometimes man. Thank you. Your videos always have a great vibe too. I needed this because I'm editing my Trailer video for my first Windows PC game release on Steam and my OBS screen capture partially recorded my task bar on all my Look for (Why Chicken? Why?) hopefully sometime around Feb 2019 on Steam (hopefully). Think *ogger but with a chicken, and no I haven't played that crossy game only watched a few videos. Pretty sure I started developing this game before I ever saw it but I got no beef. Peace man.
How to change aspect ratio of video from 9:16 to 1:1? thanks.
Hey man, you nailed it with this quick tutorial, it immediately resolve what I needed right away. I am working on a video clip of video game need for speed footage that I am editing right now
Why anyone would THUMB DOWN this video is beyond me... maybe on crack? Nicely done.

Any chance of doing the same video but with the different shapes and how to deal with the black space?
I don't have PD16 but PD 17, I noticed crop under tools and powertools is that easier to use ?
Hi Maliek, I tried this with a cell phone video because they are so narrow. Even following these steps they just will not expand out to fill the screen. Is there a specific technique necessary to expand those narrow videos from cell phones?
Hiya Maliek, love the vids, im trying to make a promo vid for my facebook page, they want 820x462 pixels, i cant see that in the produce part can you help?
New subscriber here! Great video! I learn a lot from you brother! Thanks for your expertise on Power Commander. It is becoming my favorite video editor! 😀👌👍👍👍
Please, how to crop a video so it shows only me talking and reviewing a game video. I wonder how? Thanks
Great video's!! But I'm trying to work out how to make a facebook cover video. How do I resize the dimensions to the standard cover size 820x462 pixels? I can only make the 4:3 or 16:9 size that wont fit. Thanks
Hi Maliek. great video, but how can i crop without any zoom added?? trying to crop some 4K footage, but i don't want it to zoom, just crop, thanks!!
Hi, Maliek. Great tutorials. I edited a short video of a few shots. The only effect that I applied to these shots is that I cropped them, in such a way that the shots were tighter.

The source footage is 16:9, and the crop is also 16:9.
Once I render the completed job, however, the image is horizontally elongated. In other words, the end product looks like a 4:3 video which has been stretched to 16:9 format.

My project settings are always at 16:9 - for editing, as well as outputting/ rendering.

Can you tell me why I'm getting this distortion?
Good video. Very clear. I followed it perfectly and easily.
straight to the point, I dig it! thanks!
I'm having trouble matching the exact crop and zoom clip to clip. Is there any way to adjust the crop window position in power tools with the arrow keys on my keyboard? Also, is there any way to adjust the amount of zoom % by typing is specific numbers?
can i customize shape, for eg. i do not want to select prefix shapes like round or square, i want to select particular shape, so is it possible ?.
I have multiple clips shot from one camera location and distance. I want to apply the exact same crop and zoom to all clips. How can I apply the EXACT SAME CROP AND ZOOM to all clips?
Thank you i needed this as i have some video with the background that i wanted to crop out.
Any tutorial for a video preview/snippet and keep the size proportion ??
Aaaa thanks SO much! ❤❤❤ Gonna use it for my animations.

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