Cutting ALL my sweatshirts into CROP TOPS

Cutting ALL my sweatshirts into CROP TOPS

It really IS that time of the month...😳
Can you crop my school time?
So crafty and handy! King 💕
It must be so much easier wearing crop tops of you look like a model and have the bellybutton of a sex god!
You should’ve cut the native sweater above where you messed up with the cut and just made it shorter! Still each one looked great
This is how I started my transition
I remember crop topping all my tank tops because YAS KWEEENNN ...
I'd like to say the black one that you ruined can be fixed right where the open flap is just cut the rest of the way around it & than it will be all better again it will just be abit higher is all but it will still look great trust me
Nice.... Try on shirts with buttons
You have a hot, tongue-worthy navel and a great treasure trail. Crop tops work well on your bod.
I just came across this video and I love it. You just got a new subscriber
You can buy zippers and figure out how to put it on the jacket. Google it.
Stomach is fine. Could have cut that first shirt to the top of where the pocket maybe but is good where it is too. Probably would left the zipper one alone, maybe can take the zipper to get fixed, it could look cool. Cut the Native Born above the rip and it would look good. Celts one looks really good.
i literally cropped everything i don’t wear and now i wear them EVERYDAY AHH !! i love you so much <3
Cringing at how you pronounced “Celts” 😣
You're definitely ready for NY Fashion Week. Skip Project Runway.
These are so cute

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